the pictures that don't make the album


We took a trip to the mall on Saturday. Why I had my camera with me is a long story. All right, fine, not really so long. OK, OK, you beat it out of me…

A friend called to tell us that she had spotted Katie’s photo at the Macy’s on 34th Street in New York. About thirty seconds later, we were headed out to our nearest Macy’s, camera in hand.

Of course we had to take some snapshots (you know, for the grandparents) so, on Mama’s request, little Miss Thang hammed it up for Mamarazzi.



(That’s actually Lord and Taylor. They had it too!)


It was kind of nice to have the camera as we walked around the mall. We were able to capture some of the moments that normally would have slid right by.

Like Brooke walking around Claire’s in the purple boa whose siren song she couldn’t resist.




Or showing off her new magnetic earrings that made her feel ‘just like Katie.’




Yes, having a camera at the mall meant capturing moments that I normally would not have.

Including a few that would never make it into any photo album.

A few that remind us that the simplest things are often the hardest for our beautiful little girl.

The ones that show just how hard Brooke works every day.



The ones of my baby sitting down to have a bite to eat in the food court.



Trying to shut out the noise.



With whatever she can.



Yes, the ones that break my heart.


17 thoughts on “the pictures that don't make the album

  1. The picture of Katie is so typical “girl”, I loved it. The one of Brooke made me remember a previous post that had MANY comments. I remember something about you having to defend yourself because Brooke wasnt as low functioning as other children with autism. Words can only say so much, maybe these photos will help remind people that we all have our challenges, no matter what end of the spectrum our child is on.

  2. I have similar pictures of Evan at the same age burned into my brain…I look upon them with a full heart now…I think you will look back in a few years with a full heart as well. Brooke is strong and fierce, and Oh! the places she will go!

  3. Just another step in the road. One day you’ll be happy to have those, to look back and see how very far she’s come on her road. There are so many moments that hurt, but there are so many that are full of pure joy – like seeing those bright eyes looking right at you and smiling on Easter.

  4. First, congrats to Katie! How exciting for her! I hope she gets to do more if she wants to!

    The pics of Brooke brought tears to my eyes. I’m 48 but feel like doing just what she did when I’m at the mall food court. Usually I just tear off a piece of a napkin and cram it into my ears.

    You are such a good mom.

  5. Thank you for sharing these – and it’s so good that you have them. One of my favorite photos of Nigel is from when he was four years old, looking down, trying to smile even though he was cringing, reacting to something that had upset him. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of how far he has come and how hard he has worked to get here. Brooke has that amazing resilience as well. xoxo

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