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on function

Earlier this week, I posted the following on Facebook. I talk a lot here about why assigning functioning labels to human beings is pretty much crap. I talk about the fact that labeling a human ‘high functioning’ dismisses their very real challenges while calling another ‘low functioning’ dismisses their very real abilities – often along … Continue reading

a new friend

{image is a photo of Brooke, taken by Katie last weekend. She is squatting in the sand and looking back over her shoulder smiling.} Saturday … Brooke and I are at the mall. It’s not going well. In fact, it’s going pretty damned not well. She asks to go into the toy store. I know … Continue reading

the invitation 

{image is a photo of Brooke at Surfside Beach on Nantucket, dancing with the sea.} For years, I lamented the moments in which my girl, in the word I’d have used, “disconnected.” (I hate this next sentence, but the truth of it cannot be denied.) When my girl, as I was so sure she did, … Continue reading

AutCom – Christmas in September

. {image is a photo of an extremely cool retro convertible packed with everything needed for a trip to the beach, including a dog. it’s what came up when I googled “car packed for a trip” I sort of love it. Note: Our car will look nothing like this.} I. Am. So. Excited Seriously. It’s … Continue reading



Last night, as my dad drove us home from the amusement park, he said, “Brooke, we’re about three minutes away from home now.” In another minute, he said, “Brooke, about two minutes left, okay?” As we got close, he said, “We’re going to go around the river, up the hill, and then around one bend. … Continue reading

the light creeping in

“Look, Mama!” I follow the little arm to the very end of an outstretched finger. I look into the distance to see what she is pointing at. “What do you see, baby girl?” I am nearly breathless. “I see the blue house.” I can barely contain myself. “I see it too, Brooke! Yes! The house … Continue reading


{image is a Tweet that I tweeted (is there really no better way to say that?) last March. Above a photo of Lt Joe Kenda talking with Carl Marino, who plays him on the Investigation Discovery show, Homicide Hunter, I’d written, “Seeing @LtJoeKenda hangin out w/ @carlmarino1 is like seeing Clark Kent chatting with Superman. … Continue reading

dear amy and dean

The back story Dear Amy and Dean, I get it. That’s what I’m writing to tell you. That I get it. Well, partly. That’s a good place to start, at least. You see, I too am the mother of an Autistic child. Just a note, I use the term Autistic very purposefully out of respect for her … Continue reading

her voice

her voice

{image is a photo of Brooke and Rhema, hugging} Saturday … We’re late to the Russell’s, as usual. Brooke’s blood sugar had taken a nose dive and we had to make an emergency detour to find her food on the way. When we finally arrive, there’s a flurry of activity. “I missed you”s and hugs and “Gosh, … Continue reading

neurology as identity, not accessory

neurology as identity, not accessory

{image is a photo of a man reaching for his suitcase. Text reads, “If I’m on a flight and the airline loses my luggage, I don’t arrive without my autism. – Ari Ne’eman”} – As most of you know, I have chosen, unless and until Brooke directs me otherwise, to follow the Autistic community’s lead … Continue reading