Posted in April 2008

ten hundred ways

Katie is currently our resident Thomas Alva Edison expert. Some may call him the Wizard of Menlo Park; but Katie calls him Al.  Apparently they’re tight, she and Al. So almost every day last week I got a new tale about her buddy Al. Friday’s installment was the oft repeated story about Mr. Edison (er … Continue reading

the fruits of awareness

* Yesterday morning we had Katie’s parent teacher conference. It went amazingly well. My heart swelled with pride upon hearing, “She can strike up a conversation with anyone in the school! She is helpful and supportive with the other students without ever seeming condescending! She is a delight to have in class!” As if to … Continue reading

tea anyone?

* I have been amazed to discover the many fringe benefits of writing this blog. In addition to the revelation that I find the process of writing to be cathartic in and of itself, there is so much more that I have gained from it. I receive a constant stream of e-mails and calls from friends and … Continue reading

taking the bull by the horns

  I rode a mechanical bull last weekend. No, really. And you know what? I kicked some mechanical bull butt. 42 seconds I lasted on that thing. For those of you (my friend Kelly, you know who you are) who don’t believe me, I actually have this on video. Yes, I do fall down when I … Continue reading

brother can you spare some time?

    Luau took Katie to one of the first Red Sox games of the season the other night. I’m not sure who was more excited. (Ok, I am, but I’m not sure Luau would want me advertising that he was downright giddy about it). They looked forward to it for days beforehand. They went decked out in their jerseys and came … Continue reading

lines, lines, everywhere there's lines

                     *  I walked into Brooke’s room last night and let out a big sigh when I saw the long, snaking line of magnetic pieces that she had taken from a book and lined up so meticulously on the floor.      One of the earliest signs of autism in our … Continue reading


success n. the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted. the extent of such gain. I caught a few minutes of Dr. Phil the other night before bed. The feature story was a hyper controlling, perfectionist mom who had devoted her life entirely to (and was admittedly, and almost proudly, living vicariously through) her 18 year … Continue reading

the $240 balloon animal (that wasn't a monkey)

    So I paid $240 yesterday for a balloon animal. And it wasn’t even a monkey. Brooke thought it was, though its creator was the first to admit that it had an EXTREMELY strong resemblance to a dog. Perhaps I should back up a bit. As we approached Brooke’s fifth birthday (and by approached, I mean … Continue reading