Posted in May 2008

so what's new?

           It’s always interesting for me, er, well, OK, difficult for me, when someone asks, “So what’s new with the girls?” or “What are they up to these days?” I can always run through the litany of their current activities – “Well, Katie is studying the human body in school and will happily tell you … Continue reading

thank you. (pass it on)

    Out in the yard on Sunday, Katie had a typical seven year old moment. She and Brooke were playing with a parachute and Katie had wrapped herself in it, shutting Brooke out. When Brooke tried to work her way in, albeit none too gracefully, Katie grabbed it away from her and shouted at her in a huff, ‘Well … Continue reading

mother's day

    Because you are strong Even when you’re not Because you are always there Especially when you can’t be Because when people say, ‘How do you do it?’ you wonder, ‘How would I not?’ Because you can make everything better with a band-aid and a kiss And because it nearly destroys you when you can’t Because … Continue reading

mother of the year

  So the upshot to mornings like this one is that I know, without a doubt, that I won’t have to worry about who to thank first when I get that Mother of the year award. Yup, it looks like I’m pretty well out of the running again this year. Why? Well, how’s this for … Continue reading