Because you defy categorization

Because you love freely and without reservation

Because you love Brooke for who she is and never despite her challenges (you just don’t think that way)

Because you love Katie with everything that you are

Because you love me, even when I’m hardest to love

Because you text my mom to tell her we’re home safely after a visit

Because you really are a son to my dad

Because you are the president of the PTO

Because you smile and chat with .. everyone

Because you don’t teach our children how to respect other people; you show them

Because you make everyone feel like a friend

Because you teach us all how to say “I’m sorry”

Because you do the grit work that allows me to chase my windmills

Because you are my greatest champion when I do

Because you take over when I need to shut down

Because you are patient beyond my comprehension

Because you encourage the girls to create something every day

Because you see no limitations on what our girls can be

Because you remind us that there is humor in everything

Because you see the beauty in everyone

Because you trust people before you don’t

Because you are a student of our children, just as you are their teacher

Because a reasoned argument can change your mind, but no one will ever change who you are

Because you wear shorts all year long, undaunted by winter in New England

Because you believe we can change the world

Because you are stronger than steel

Because you are the best Dad our girls could ever ask for


Happy Father’s Day

With admiration, gratitude, and love

6 thoughts on “luau

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  2. damn doam, you are so poignant……you 2 are a great match. you’ll defy the odds and stay in it to win it! happy birthday to Luau and I’m sure you ‘ll make his day wonderful.

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