top of the world, ma



“Ain’t no stopping us now. We’re on the move.”   ~McFadden and Whitehead

“Coordination disorder”

“Motor planning difficulties”

“Generalized anxiety”

“Brooke at the top of a climbing wall at a local kid’s gym”

I’ll take door number four, Monty.

Hear me now, folks. Come a little closer. I don’t want you to miss this.



There is nothing my child can’t do if she decides that she wants to. Nothing.

10 thoughts on “top of the world, ma

  1. Ok, this is the second Monday is a row that your precious daughter has flat out inspired me. Am I alone out here in feeling like Brooke is teaching all of us about how to wrestle back fear and achieve what we are afraid we cannot?

    I celebrate with an absolutely bursting heart every new milestone Brooke jumps over – – and then in the quiet I wonder how I can grow to be just a bit more like her . . . brave enough to tackle my own fears that are holding me back. With love and deep admiration, April

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Brooke and Katie with us. God has blessed you with absolutely beautiful, inspiring little girls who are showing us all that extraordinary things are possible. Give that girl a high-five for me!

  3. 1. Of course there is nothing she cannot do if she decides she wants to!! Of course!

    2. She is her mother’s daughter!! Yeah, I think you might have taught her that one.

  4. Everything that April said, I must echo.
    Thank you–all of you
    for your inspiration…for thinking about challenges and growth in such a different way.
    Peace and love,

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