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OK, so my girl Jersey over at Devin’s Journey tagged me with this um well thingy where I’m supposed to tell you six of my unspectacular quirks and then do a whole lot of other stuff which includes a lot of cutting and pasting and then tagging other people with some more cutting and pasting and then getting them to cut and paste too. I love my Jersey girl, so I don’t want to let her down, but I’ve got to be honest, I’m just not a fan of these things.  Besides, I happen to think that my quirks are pretty spectacular, but I’ll do my best to find six that I can share.

Incidentally, I asked Luau for his thoughts and suffice to say he a) went over the limit ~ six dear, just six ~ and b) he gave me nothing that was appropriate for public consumption. Thanks for your help, darling. Really.

So here goes:

1. I never sit with my back to the room in a restaurant.

The only exception to this rule is if I’m dining with my Dad. That’s because he’s the one who taught me never to sit with my back to the room so it was his rule first. And he’s bigger than I am. By a lot. And he was a middle school principal for forty five years so when he tells you to do something, you just kind of do it. Because you feel like if you don’t do it, you might get detention. Or ‘the look’. And you DON’T want the look. Trust me.

Oh, his reasoning had something to do with seeing the shooter coming. Whatever, Don Corleone.

2. I brush my teeth in the shower. Hey, my time is precious. Two minutes I save is two minutes I can spending making the world a better place for my children. Or sleeping. Or writing. Or playing Scramble. Or sleeping. Yes, I know I said sleeping twice.

3. I always smell my food before I eat it. I believe that this is just common sense.

4. I have one radio station programmed in my car. All country. All the time.

4.a) I love the PBR.  Oh gee. Was that a link to Justin McBride? Oops. Not.

5. I have 123 pairs of shoes. Yes, I just counted them. No, I didn’t count sneakers. Yes, I can still give you twelve reasons why I still NEED another pair.

6. I can wiggle my ears.

Oh, and if this is your thing, consider yourself tagged.

11 thoughts on “tag i'm it

  1. hehe not really my thingy either but sometimes I try to participate! I didn’t even ask my hubby about my quirks cause umm well didn’t have time for that showdown!

  2. The Twilight Zone is playing in my head right now. I never sit with my back facing the door in a restaurant EXACTLY BECAUSE of The Godfather…that final Sopranos scene should cinch it all for you.

    I have to drink my coffee out of the same mug every day.

    I have 432 lipsticks.

    Can’t eat fish. Worse, I can’t smell it, touch it, or even look at it.

    I like to wear too-tight underpants because they help me think better.

    I like to give my students weird and random nicknames that stick with them their entire lives. I’ve succeeded several times.

    I, alas, cannot wiggle my ears.

  3. I’m completely with you on 1-2&3.
    Can’t listen to music at all (at first b/c Foster couldn’t handle it, and now that I’m totally outnumbered, I can’t handle it either!) so no way on #4

    I can’t afford 5 (I’ve been wearing the same birkenstock sandles and clogs for so long there is no rubber left on the bottoms – yeah, I’m one of those) and

    6 – I can’t wiggle my ears, but I can flip my tongue 180 degrees – made you think, right)

    I’m with drama on the nicknames (my kids, not students)
    the fish (which I will expand to include all seafood, ESPECIALLY SHRIMP!) and the same mug deal (god help the person who ever breaks my best mug)

    And for my own creepy quirk – I’m totally allergic to things that touch my feet. Just the thought of wearing socks makes me spread my toes as wide as I can (which probably explains the poor fashion choices in footwear) and makes my feet itch like mad.

  4. I am totally all about NEVER sittting with my back facing the restaurant, and it totally has to do with being able to see the shooter! That, and I hang out with a lot of law enforcement officers so imagine that seating arrangement!! And I’m sorry but 432 lispticks and 123 pairs of shoes it OUT OF CONTROL!!!

  5. 123 pairs of shoes…. I just bought my SECOND pair of work-appropriate shoes today, AND had to justify to my hubby why a second pair is necessary. “But didn’t you just buy a pair?” he asked plaintively (yes, I am returning to teaching from baby-leave next week) And you all wondered as kids why your teachers looked so frumpish… hmmm… I think this passage alone reveals a number of my quirks! But if you need another, I believe that pillows are sacred and that nothing should touch them but my own sweet head (no, not YOUR sweet head, MY sweet head.) God help you if you should sit on one of my pillows, and if your feet touch it, well, you’re buying me a new one. Sleep tight, everyone!

  6. So I did post a blog in return to this one above, and found that narrowing six was quite hard. My husband also was quick to rattle off more than necessary.(mean while laughing at me)Just an added one.. I am so compulsive about clean floors. 9 months prego on my hands and knees washing! point is that sweeping and mopping is not clean enough. I can not stand walking on floor and my socks getting dirty!

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