people see me
I’m a challenge
to your balance
I’m over your heads
how I confound you
and astound you
to know I must be one of the wonders
of God’s own creation
and as far as you see you can offer me
no explanation

I believe
fate smiled and destiny
laughed as she came to my cradle
“know this child will be able”
laughed as she came to my mother
“know this child will not suffer”
laughed as my body she lifted
“know this child will be gifted
with love, with patience
and with faith
she’ll make her way”

she’ll make her way

~ natalie merchant ‘wonder’

My daughter is kicking @ss in kindergarten. How’s that for an opening sentence?

She is exceeding everyone’s expectations. Quite frankly, she’s even exceeding mine.

We’re making our way through the transition. Her team is in place. The plans are in action. All hands are on deck.

The scratching, clawing, sweating, meeting, collaborating, asking, seeking, tweaking, researching, night terrors – worked. OK, maybe the night terrors were superfluous. Maybe not. I don’t care. Please see “My daughter is kicking @ss in kindergarten.”

Don’t believe me? The following are paraphrased from various team members this week.

“Brooke’s job at morning meeting this week is ‘teacher’s assistant’. She’s doing it! She does everything Ms. Teacher does! You wouldn’t believe it if you saw it! She stood in front of the kids and sang ‘1-2-3 eyes on me!'”

“At the end of our session she gave me a hug, so I felt very special today!”

“No yelling today! Very few breaks too!”

“We gave the bear a ‘sad’ face. I told her the bear might be sad because he lost a toy, so Brooke got a toy and gave it to the bear and we changed the face back to ‘happy.'”

“Lots of singing in music today. Great job participating.”

“Brooke colored with C and M. She also drew a red nose and cheek on her face with red marker. Sorry! (She does look cute though.)” (OK, so this one isn’t necessarily the best evidence of kick@ss behavior. But it’s funny.)

“Kindergarten assembly today. Great sitting and listening.” (What? Seriously? You’re tellin me my girl dealt with an ASSEMBLY? She SAT and LISTENED at an ASSEMBLY? Rub eyes. Read again. Yup. That’s what it said.)

“We were walking down the hall and Brooke was rubbing her body against the lockers. I figured she was looking for some vestibular input so I asked if she wanted a hug. She totally let me hug her! It seemed to help.” (Wow. So. Wow.)

And my personal favorite from my personal favorite member of the team – little boo herself:

Getting into the car after school:

“Could we do that again, Daddy?”

“Do what again, honey?”

“We would go to school again?”

“Yes, baby, we sure will.”

Tired smiles.

Yes, Natalie. With love, with patience, and with faith she’ll make her way. She IS making her way. And I am so proud to follow her along the path.

15 thoughts on “wonder

  1. Glad to hear she is doing so well. But I have to say, I knew she would. I just knew. I so understand your worrying…..but don’t forget to take a breath. She IS truly amazing. Let those wings unfold. Don’t forget to breathe before she takes your breath away with her wonder. You are truly blessed. xoxoxoxo to you all.

  2. Jess–I found your blog through myquirkyboy.com I had to laugh when I read your post today. My daughter started kindergarten this year as well. She is completely overwhelmed by large groups and lots of people and noise so recess was proving to be a challenge. Two days ago she came home and announced that at recess she had jumped rope twice, slide down the fire pole 3 times and then wandered around. She then told me that recess was one of her favorite parts of the day. I told my husband that when I heard those words I felt as if she had just cured cancer I was so elated and proud of her. I am glad your little girl is kicking some kindergarten a$$. Thanks for your writing.

  3. I’m so happy for you all! It’s amazing that you quoted that song, because I often say that if I had the time (and money) I’d create a little video of my daugter’s journey to that song.

    It’s so fitting.

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