Posted in September 2008

baby me

  Completely spent after last week’s adventure and Saturday’s six hour drive home from the mountains, I gave in to parental laziness last night and asked the girls what they’d like to watch on television. G’head, call Child Protective Services on me, but Mama was bone tired. Brooke said, “We would watch baby me.” We (meaning … Continue reading

the view i love the most

The Adirondacks are breathtaking. The trees up here reach for heaven. The skies are a shade of blue that you just don’t see in the city. The mountain air is crisp and clean. Each lake and mountain and beach that I’ve had the privilege to see is more stunning than the next.  Every time I … Continue reading

dear ralph lauren

Dear Mr Lauren, I am honored and proud that you (OK, your people, whatever. I have people too, you know. Except. Not.) find my daughter beautiful and that you have asked her to model your clothing. As her mom, I certainly agree (of course) that you have found the next Gisele. But I feel that I … Continue reading

calling for a moratorium

It’s the oxygen mask theory: Put yours on first so you’re alive to save your child.  ~ Oprah Winfrey OK, that’s it, my friends. I have reached my boiling point. I am downright fed up. No, not with $12 a gallon gas or the inescapable vitriol and divisiveness of the political debates. I’ll save that … Continue reading

a postcard from the mountains

  Greetings from the Adirondacks. Three cheers for free WiFi! Woo Hoo! My cell phone may work 40% of the time up here, but apparently it takes more than a big ole mountain range to keep me away from you. By the way, you look great.   Anyway, here I am. Katie and I set out … Continue reading

work it girl

  Ok, so I told you I have big news, right? Incidentally, to those of you who have asked if I am pregnant, let me assure you, I got Brooke at the GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE at the baby store. The shop closed upon her arrival, so you can be damned sure that if I ever say … Continue reading


  It’s hard to get around in a six foot town / When you’re ten feet tall everything is so small / I’m always bumping my head / I’m way too long for the bed / Oh it’s hard to get around / In a six foot town ~ Big and Rich, Six Foot Town Yesterday … Continue reading

a day apart

What follows is the last journal entry that I will share from Nantucket. It is somewhat pouty and self-indulgent in nature. Considering our surroundings, I find that to be very annoying so I apologize. However, it was real and it was where I was when I was writing, so I give you the unsanitized version. Hopefully, you’ll … Continue reading


Monday on Nantucket Brooke has her creative movement class today. She will tell you that the class is her favorite part of Nantucket. She’s been talking about it (ok, perseverating on it, but let’s not split hairs) all year. The class is taught on an outdoor bandstand on the green down by the harbor. Brooke loves … Continue reading

a good day

Sunday Part Two Katie heads out to the sandbar with a net, determined to catch the minnows or crabs that make their way by. There is no subtlety in the way that she thrusts her net into the water. As soon as she spots her quarry, she flails excitedly and the splash is sure to scare … Continue reading