pulling the wagon part 2 .. um, mama, i think you lost a wheel



People often ask me how I do it. As in, “How do you do it all?” 

Well, usually my answer is, “My husband makes dinner.” Seriously, that’s BIG. The fact that I find myself inside a grocery store maybe once a month and the additional fact that I get to come home from work and plant my butt at the table without a second thought about what we’re eating, well, my friends, it contributes a lot to “how I do it all.” 

However, even so, sometimes the answer to “How do you do it all?” is “Not very well.” 

Case in point: the following e-mail that I sent out in a panic on Saturday night to all the parents of the children in the choir. 

I am sooooooo sorry, but as it turns out, we won’t be able to make it to choir tomorrow, no less get there early to talk to the kids.
I feel terrible, but I had my dates mixed up! Tomorrow is the day of the Autism Speaks fundraising walk. We have been working for months to raise money for Team Brooke (well over $20,000 already!) and there’s no way that we could miss it.
I am so grateful to all that planned to get there early tomorrow, but unfortunately we’ll have to impose even further by asking to do it another time.
Thanks so much for your understanding and hopefully your patience with this scatterbrained mom.





Hard as I try, sometimes the wheels just come flying off the damn wagon.

6 thoughts on “pulling the wagon part 2 .. um, mama, i think you lost a wheel

  1. Yeah, yeah, awesome on the $20,000. Blah, blah, blah.



    Now that is luck. And 20 freaking thousand is amazing!

  2. nah, it was already 20k, i was just in too much of a frenzy to check the webpage before writing the panicked e-mail .. and the walk .. stay tuned

  3. You’d have recognized us, then, on Saturday morning as we were efficiently lining up our friends to go on a morning trip to the pumpkin patch and were about to walk out the door — when the doorbell rang and it was one of Joy’s therapists, who was scheduled to work with Joy at our house from 10-12 that morning.

    We last-minute rescheduled the pumpkin patch for later in the afternoon, and had an awesome time (will post eventually, with photos). Your reschedule will work, too.

    My husband also does most of the cooking…

    How was the walk? Congratulations on all that lovely fundraising!

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