eye of the tiger

“You may be right. I may be crazy.”

~ Billy Joel   

I can’t say no to Judith. Trust me, if you knew her, you wouldn’t be able to say no either. There’s still time for you. Save yourself. Me? I’m cooked.

It happened before I could stop it. Tell me I’m insane. Actually, don’t bother. I’ve got it covered.

From the moment I saw Judith at the Autism Votes table at the walk on Sunday, my fate was sealed. “Hey, were you serious when you said in that post that you wanted to run a marathon?” she asked, looking all innocent. “Let’s do it!”

I, um, hmm, oh geez. Pretending to hear my phone ring, “Mom, is that you?”

Shoot. That’s not working. “Hey, wow, look over there!!!”

Dang, she’s still looking at me, all cute and earnest and anything is possible and all Judith-y. “We don’t have to do a full one. We can start with a half marathon!”

“Is that better?” I wondered. “Is swimming only half the whole ocean somehow less daunting than swimming the whole ocean?”

“Think about it!”

Thousand watt smile. Look at her there, all sweetness and light.


And so I thought about it. A lot. As I laid on the couch after the walk on Sunday in a useless heap of exhaustion, I realized that I need a goal. I have done so much over the past few months, but I haven’t taken care of myself worth a damn. I feel awful. I’m pushing maximum capacity. Something has to give.

So I googled half marathon Boston and the next thing I know I’m sending Judith a link to the Hyannis Half Marathon in February and saying, “what do you think?” and she’s writing back “Eye of the tiger. Let’s do it.” (No, seriously, she talks like that. I told you the woman was evil.) And then I’m registered and well, OH, GOD. WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Did I mention that I don’t run? I mean, I DON’T RUN. You know that expression, ‘this body’s made for comfort, not speed’? Whoever said that knows me. No one will EVER mistake me for a triathlete. I’m soft. Cozy. Cuddly. Cushiony. I need a highly engineered, steel reinforced sports bra. Lean and mean? Not so much.

But I was on a roll so I went online to research a training schedule.

I found one that looked like a good place to start and went to the ‘beginner’ page.

“Yippee! They have beginners! That’s me! This will be perfect. Maybe there will be advice on buying the right running shoes.” 

The top of the page said ‘Profile – you run 18-20 miles a week and can run five miles with ease’

Hmm, I must have scrolled to the intermediate page. i’ll just go back to .. Oh, wait, that is beginner. Sh!t! I’m screwed.

Ok, don’t panic.




I can run five miles with ease. (Over ten days or so.) But I get the feeling they mean all at one time, so I’ve got some work to do. You know, to get to the point where I’m READY TO START TRAINING. Oh God. 

Eye of the tiger. Curse that woman.

Want to join us?

24 thoughts on “eye of the tiger

  1. if I have to take you myself, I will, but you need to be fitted with running shoes. Go to Marathon Sports on Mass Ave near Harvard Square–they are fabulous. They make you walk, they watch you jog down the street with several different pairs. We just got fitted last week.

    Am glad you are taking care of yourself! And you will rock that marathon…….I know someone who will join you……

  2. Good luck!

    I was exactly in your position (5 miles? are you kidding?) this last spring, and last week I ran the Boston half-marathon, and hoping to do a full marathon next year. So it’s entirely doable…

  3. Are you talking to me? Because that would cause a run on steal supported under garments for sure and require a whole new category of runner.

    And February 2009? Someone I adore very recently alerted me to how COLD it was to WALK in OCTOBER. Hyannis in February?! Abandon all ideas of lean and mean and start thinking more fluffy – like running with LL Bean’s down comforter coat wrapped around you.

  4. I like the visual of how you see yourself. I looked in a mirror recently and thought “bean bag chair. I look like a bean bag chair on legs.”

    Ditto on what the others said – get warm clothes and good shoes. Check out this mom, who recently decided to get off her couch and train, too. And she has a lot of kids – adopted from Haiti. Very cool lady. http://www.getoffthecouchwaters.blogspot.com/

  5. We’re going to do it.

    We’re going to look fabulous doing it.

    We may be in last place, but we’re going to finish!

    Come on everyone else … take a walk on the wild side… 🙂

  6. awww man. i want in. seriously, i just started training YESTERDAY. got my shoes and everything. but i had picked Boston’s Run To Remember half marathon which is in MAY – a tad warmer.

    you go girls!

  7. I will not Gilooly you! (Did I spell that right?) I do not do things that may cause me to wind up in an orange jumpsuit and talk through safety glass with a phone!! If you want me to tell someone off in a colorful and vulgar fashion I’m your girl! Ok I will sign up for a half marathon but I’m finding one that will be held in the spring. I’ve read Judith’s blog. Those are horns holding up that halo. The woman makes you belive things are possible!!! How dare she!!! heheheh I’m kidding do not hunt me down and Gilooly me. My house has lots of stairs!

  8. Wow, that’s terrific. Daunting and terrifying and crazy too, no doubt 😉 You’ve inspired me though – I think I’ll see what I can train for down here around D.C. and in the SPRING. I also need something (else) to focus on and to start taking care of me. You go, girl!

  9. Oh gosh… I so get it about needing a crazy goal that’s all about you. You know, if I lived closer I could totally see myself joining you? (Note that I have not jogged a step since 8th grade. Also I would talk you into the spring run.) But the only thing getting my butt out the door to train would be a jogging partner… and we’re too far from each other for that. Anyone in Larchmont, NY?

  10. you know, audra .. i was thinking exactly the same thing when i made the decision (and when i started training two days ago – yikes) .. i’ve done so many things i never thought i could .. me ten years ago would hardly recognize me today .. and relative to what are kids muddle through every day .. what’s thirteen miles? it really is almost laughable

  11. You and Judith, now that’s a force to be reckoned with. As for running and the distance, I always tell people if I can do it you can do it. (Plus you’ll be able to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s each night guilt free if you want. Or maybe that was just me!) Plus look at the things you’re doing now that you never thought you would. Putting one foot in front of the other for 13 miles is a walk in the park compared to the race known as life on the spectrum, no?

  12. OK, I feel wretchedly cavalier and obnoxious now — 13 miles, no big deal. Who do I think I am? Yes…I know our kids face an uphill battle every day. But I also know what it takes to run 13 plus miles. Not even remotely easy, even for a gal who has been running since college as a way to outrun stress (yet another example of apples, tree., etc.)!

    I am humbled. I wish you gals were in Chicago because…never mind. You have more fans than you might ever imagine!

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