spell check this, buddy



I think it’s about time that my computer got on board with the lingo of my life. How many times do I have to write IEP and deny said computer’s attempts to automatically spell check it before he gets it? I MEAN what I type, Mr. Computer. Yeah, my computer is male. No, I’m not going to explain why. You can figure it out. 

When I write documents referring to prep for our upcoming IEP meeting, I mean exactly this- angst ahead of the team meeting that will determine and document Brooke’s current Individualized Education Plan. In other words, torturously detailed preparation that will leave me completely certain that we have overlooked some vital aspect of her education (social? academic? emotional?), endless research that will get me no closer to believing that we’ve struck the appropriate balance between challenge and accommodation, sleepless nights that will get me no further toward believing that we actually have the slightest grasp of what an effective education for our daughter should really look like.

So, Mr Computer, please, please listen up. Stop spell checking IEP. I appreciate your suggestions. Really I do.

But no. I don’t mean imp, though Brooke really is the cutest little rascal isn’t she? When I say, “C’mon, love, it’s time for bed” and she responds with, “I would tickle you instead.” Imp indeed. But no.

I don’t mean ape, though that is where we start isn’t it? Imitation, integration, generalization. One skill at a time.

I don’t mean inept, though God knows that’s certainly how I feel walking in.

I don’t mean pep, though I do play the role of the cheerleader, don’t I? Goooooooooooo Team Brooke! B-E Aggressive! BE AGGRESSIVE! Oy. 

I don’t mean i.e.  though I do spend half the meeting citing the copious examples that I’ve gathered. For example ..

I don’t mean yap, though heaven and my mama friends know I’ll keep on yapping as long as I need to to make sure my baby has what she needs. You know, when I figure out what that is.

And ripe, wipe and pipe? Well, let’s keep this a family show, shall we?

Point is, if you’re going to be on this train, you’re going to have to get up to speed with the alphabet soup that is our life –  IEP, ABA, RDI, SPD, ASD, OT, PT, SLP, BCBA, HWT. Mercy, you get the point. Thank goodness we haven’t gone GFCF. Heaven only knows what you’d do with that one.

8 thoughts on “spell check this, buddy

  1. Hey Jess, I’m assuming you’re using the Mac…check the custom dictionaries, or you can ask Luau to since I know you’re wicked busy:
    1. select the ‘Word” menu item “preferences”
    2. Select “Spelling and Grammar” in the edit options pane
    3. Select the “dictionaries” button and then “Add” in the new window.
    4. Give your dictionary a new name.
    5. Make sure it is selected as well as your previous custom dictionary and save the changes.
    That should let you add anything to the dictionary so spell check doesn’t keep driving you nuts 🙂

  2. =)
    You are so cute.
    And I truly appreciate that there’s someone else out there who, after all the research and evaluations and talking, still walks into an IEP mtg, quietly “hoping” that they know what the best educational plan for their child looks like.

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