Posted in November 2008

an embarrassment of riches

Things I am thankful for (#s 1-13 of 17,846,319 and counting) Katie’s laugh – not her polite little chuckle, the real one. The one that comes from somewhere deep and full of joy. The can’t breathe, smile wrapped around her head laugh. The laugh that summons the angels and leaves them lingering in the room long after … Continue reading

an early thanksgiving

So this year, we were determined not to travel for Thanksgiving. And, selfish as it might sound, we also decided that we had no interest in inviting anyone. Is that awful? No, don’t answer that. It’s not awful. It’s smart. Haven’t we all learned from holidays past that sometimes it’s really kind of nice to … Continue reading

getting there is love

. Brooke must have been three years old. She wanted her ballet slippers. I don’t know why, perhaps she was playing dress up, perhaps the moon was in the seventh house. Whatever the reason, she had it in her little head that she needed her ballet slippers. . I looked around the house but I couldn’t find them. … Continue reading

autumn in new england

  Autumn in New England .. A day in pictures  Peek A Boo Brooke (and Jojo) in scratchy, crunchy, dry sensory heaven Up, Up … And away!

pat green

I went to see Pat Green last night. Have you met Pat? His music crawled into my soul sometime around 1998 and he hasn’t let up since.  He’s real, he’s funny, he’s immensely talented and well, when he pulls out a guitar you might just follow him to the ends of the earth. With lyrics like these, … Continue reading

and so, we dance

I walked in the door after work, starved for my girls. Katie was waiting for me at the top of the steps, her nose buried in her latest book.  I planted a kiss on her soft little cheek and lingered there, breathing her in.  Behind her, I caught a quick glimpse of Brooke peeking her little head around the corner like a sprite. I … Continue reading

don't think. dance.

  On Saturday afternoon, Brooke went to a classmate’s birthday party. I decided to take Katie to a movie while Luau took Brooke to the party. Wait – you like how I made that sound all casual? Like, “Oh, sure here’s what I’ll do.” Like I didn’t agonize over it and twist myself into a knot trying to decide if … Continue reading

sometimes it's hard

On Sunday morning, the girls and I were hanging out in the den, letting Daddy sleep in. Brooke sat in the middle of the steaming primary-colored wreckage of the recently ravaged game closet, happily hanging plastic monkeys on a tree as she sang a favorite song from gym class. . “Five little monkeys swinging from the tree … Continue reading

your turn, mama

  The scene: Two nights ago. It’s just after dinner and the girls and I linger at the table as Luau makes his way around the kitchen. Brooke is sitting on my lap. She is facing me, her legs straddling mine.  Katie is sitting one seat over, in her usual chair. We are laughing. Brooke inadvertantly lets out a –  well, um, … Continue reading

i know for a fact

  At seven and a half, Katie is in the charming habit of regularly trying on new expressions. She takes little morsels of conversation that she read or heard at school and plays with them for a while. She finds various ways to incorporate them into her speech and to ultimately make them her own. The particular phrase she’s toying with … Continue reading