your turn, mama



The scene:

Two nights ago. It’s just after dinner and the girls and I linger at the table as Luau makes his way around the kitchen. Brooke is sitting on my lap. She is facing me, her legs straddling mine.  Katie is sitting one seat over, in her usual chair. We are laughing.

Brooke inadvertantly lets out a –  well, um, hmm –  a ‘bottom burp’ if you will. She looks surprised.

We all burst into fits of giggles.

Katie laughs so hard that she ultimately follows her little sister’s example.

We laugh even harder.

Brooke looks at me. She is laughing so hard that she can barely catch her breath as she says, “Your turn, Mama!”

I nearly fall off my chair laughing.

And no, I didn’t. Sheesh, people.


8 thoughts on “your turn, mama

  1. Now there’s some reciprocal play for you! I love it that Brooke said “Your turn, mama.”
    Thanks also for providing a nicer way of saying you-know-what. I think we’ll be adopting that phrase.

  2. Who needs TV for entertainment? Kids and their unexpected noises exist. Way more fun.

    “Why are we eating beans tonight, mommy? Because they’re healthy?”

    “No. Mommy is just bored”.

  3. You should have boys. Foster’s emissions are a constant source of entertainment and pain (reek-o-rama). I swear, that’s where Dad’s get the whole “more-fun” title, too.

  4. Glorious turn-taking opportunity! (And the photo is so illustrative, in addition to being beautiful.)

    Shoulda done the armpit-“burp” thing for your turn… LOL!

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