pat green

I went to see Pat Green last night. Have you met Pat? His music crawled into my soul sometime around 1998 and he hasn’t let up since.  He’s real, he’s funny, he’s immensely talented and well, when he pulls out a guitar you might just follow him to the ends of the earth.

With lyrics like these, who could blame you?

Life will make sure that you got your troubles
Life will make sure that you work too hard
Ain’t nobody that don’t get tired
Watching troubles pile up big in your own backyard
Sometimes you’ve got to grab your world with your own two hands
Set it spinning off on a course all your own
Take yourself a big bag for your shoulder
Find yourself some good times, bring them on back home

~ Carry On


It’s a lesson of survival
To ride out every trial
It’s the secret of forgiveness
Way down deep inside

~ Who’s To Say


Close my eyes
And ask myself a question
Why is I do what I do
Am I looking for some happy definition
Of life, and love in the corners of the truth
Or am I just some curious bystander
Looking at the world through a child’s eyes
Sunlight, always shining on my shoulder
While the storm rages on deep inside

And it seems so hard
To keep it all together
When the walls are fallin’ down
On every side
I’ll be damned
If I give up on it easy
I’ve worked too hard
To lay the barricades aside

~ Barricades


Took a walk on down the seashore
Saw a beggar picking up some cans
Saw a little boy who had some salt in his eyes
Reaching out for his mama’s hands
Then I watched a stranger give that man a dollar
Watched the mama wipe the tears from her little boy’s eyes
Then I stared up into the heavens
Said oh my God I’m glad to be alive
I’m so glad that I’m alive

Wake up in the morning
We turn all the lights on
Turn em’ out at night so that we can hide
Sometimes I sleep with all the lights on
It helps me to appreciate the night
I hear people talk about life all the time
All they remember are times so sad
Don’t you thing that life would be awfully boring
If the good time were all that we had

~ Crazy


I can’t explain a blessed thing
Not a falling star, nor a feathered wing
How a man in chains has the strength to sing
Just one thing is clear to me
there’s always more than what appears to be
And when the light’s just right
I swear I see
Man it’s poetry
~ Poetry


There’s a spot on earth a man can go
To find himself and free his soul
A place somewhere between hell and heaven
Where no one hurts and all’s forgiven
A door that leads to light and grace
But the keys are in the darkest place
It feels like I’ve been there before
Though I dont know what I’m looking for
I’m trying to find it

~ I’m Trying To Find It

7 thoughts on “pat green

  1. I will call your Pat Green (i.e. check it out) and raise you a Kristin Hersh.

    I’m trying to find links to her music (the song “gazebo tree” is a perfect introduction), hopefully more in a bit.

    it’s nice to find the musicians who sound out the confusion.

  2. i think the album “strange angels” has that song and other perfect ones.

    pat green will be on my christmas list…but i’m so impulsive, i’ll probably just get it now. in fact, that’s what i do every year: unwisely buy all of the good stuff before christmas, leaving socks as my only gift possibility. i just hope i don’t get it all confused and ask for green socks.

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