autumn in new england


Autumn in New England .. A day in pictures 


Peek A Boo


Brooke (and Jojo) in scratchy, crunchy, dry sensory heaven


Up, Up …


And away!

15 thoughts on “autumn in new england

  1. oh, geez .. i should have attributed these wonderful photos from the start .. forgive me, but these are the brilliant work of my husband, matt. this is part of how he and the girls spent their day off on veteran’s day while i was working.

    good thing i’m not the jealous kind or i might have been reeeeeeeeeeeally envious that they were having so much fun while i was toiling away in the trenches. but you know, that’s just soooo not me.

  2. What a beautiful collection of moments! I, too, love the flying picture – I’m always trying to catch my kids catching some air. (And probably endangering them somewhat as I do so.) But I really also love the look on Brooke’s face in the leaves – and your beautiful caption to go with it. She really does look blissed out!

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