Posted in December 2008

raffling for riley

A riddle: What do you get when you cross .. ~ A precious little girl named Riley with many, many gifts who struggles with the anxieties and challenges of Asperger’s Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder ~ A wonderful organization that trains service dogs for fabulous kids like Riley ~ Her loving Mom, Dad and little brother who would do anything … Continue reading

less was more

This year, we finally got it right. Materially speaking we gave and received the least we have in recent memory. And yet, I have never felt so full. We skipped the machinations of ‘catching’ Santa on Christmas morning or sometime in the ‘middle of the night’ (usually around 11pm).  Gone was Mama yelling down the … Continue reading

you should see the other guy

Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone 8:15 on Tuesday morning. At the office. My private line rings. Luau’s voice. Something is wrong. Too slow. Too calm. Too – what? Not right. “Brooke’s OK.” Oh God. No … Continue reading

they met in the desert

***   They met in the desert and continued on their journey together –  From far away lands, they spoke different languages, had different customs, carried different gifts. But they shared one thing – an unshakable belief that a child would change the world.  To all the incredibly wise men and women that I have … Continue reading

echoes of the past

Let echo, too, perform her part, Prolonging every note with art; And in a low expiring strain, Play all the comfort o’er again. ~ Addison, Ode for St Cecelia’s Day If you’ve been following along for a while now, you know that Brooke’s early speech was almost purely echolalic. She would repeat words, phrases, even … Continue reading

santa's e-mail

Last Christmas, our family adopted an elf. No, no, not the Sally Struthers ‘for just the price of of a cup of coffee each day’ kind of adoption (that’s not meant to be flip – we do support Mercy Corps) but more of the ‘I’m a sucker for a new Christmas tradition’ kind of adoption. … Continue reading

life of the party

Brooke read the invitation every time she passed by it. For weeks, it hung from a push pin at the very bottom of the bulletin board that occupies one long wall in our kitchen. She would drag her little pointing finger along the words as she read them. “L and A are turning six.” The … Continue reading

magic wand

About three years ago, Katie and I went to see Disney on Ice. On the highlight reel of my life with young children, it was right up there with the time that I gave in and took us all to Chuck E Cheese. We went, we saw, we ate food in colors not found in … Continue reading


Despite our best efforts to constantly reframe and redirect, Brooke spends much of her time asking Katie to say and do particular things. She is an interactive kid. She often wants nothing more than to play with and talk to her sister, but she still doesn’t quite have the tools in her arsenal to know … Continue reading

ghosts of christmases past

Before I draw nearer to that stone, tell me! Are these the shadows of things that must be, or are they the shadows of things that MIGHT be? ~ Ebenezer Scrooge, speaking to the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Every once in a while, Brooke shows us the little ghosts of her Christmases past. … Continue reading