Posted in December 2008

three degrees

. . When did everything  in my life become so damn allegorical? I feel as though I’m walking around inside a child’s book of fables. I keep expecting to hear some booming Ed McMahon type voice declaring at the end of each day. “and the moral of the story is .. “ We had torrential rains … Continue reading


I guest lectured at MIT today. I mean, honestly, I am certain that no matter how may times I utter that sentence it will not sound any less absurd to my ears. Me. Guest lecturing at friggin MIT. I mean, really. FIT? Maybe. Heaven knows I do know shoes. But MIT? That’s a head scratcher.  The … Continue reading

somebody's hero

. Katie and I were in the car, hurrying here and there and everywhere. Tis the season to run and run and run. Leaving one stop, running to the next, back to the first. We need more of those. We have to return one of these. Where the hell can I get some of that?   Even … Continue reading

when philosophies diverge

  I have always thought that Luau and I were on essentially the same page in raising our kids. I don’t mean to imply that we are ALWAYS on the same EXACT page, but we are at least always in the same book. We have always shared the same (or quite nearly the same) basic … Continue reading

love and longing, unedited

  My girl How I long to know what’s in that beautiful little head of yours. Always turning, twisting, working, watching, seeing, hearing, processing, creating. It never stops, does it? What secrets do you have to share? What dusty old chest will you find and unlock?  I watch. I listen. I worry tiny morsels out of you. … Continue reading

the circle of why

Round and round the Mulberry Bush The monkey chased the weasel The monkey thought ’twas all in good fun Pop goes the weasel And now, for your reading pleasure, I offer you a vignette – a little slice of life in our home – working title ‘Why Mommy drinks.”  Overheard in a quiet corner of … Continue reading

nope, can't think of a thing

After putting Brooke to bed last night, I sat and listened. For about forty minutes each night before falling asleep, Brooke amuses herself with complicated vocal gymnastics. It’s quite a show. She’s always been a squealer. She spends countless hours around the house perfecting her happy high pitched squeal. Brooke squeals while she eats, while she colors, while she … Continue reading

a pot for every lid

  Brooke had this little buddy in preschool named Dan. Dan is a wonderful little boy. He has Down syndrome, and back then he wasn’t given to talking much. Since Brooke wasn’t either, and didn’t care for people in her face, their friendship evolved. Dan is an absolute delight and we were thrilled that they had … Continue reading