I swear I had no intention of making this a whole week of Katie posts. It just kind of happened organically – this ode to my eldest daughter. Before I could stop myself it had turned into a virtual Katiepalooza.

I half-heartedly apologize for the overload, but I’ve got to tell you, I just don’t want to keep these little moments to myself. They’re just too much fun to share.

Brooke has been under the weather for the past few days. Nothing serious, but she’s been fighting a fairly nasty head cold accompanied by a mild fever. Despite our best efforts, the poor little thing has yet to figure out the concept of blowing her nose, so a head cold can be pretty debilitating.

Katie has been an angel to her little sister. OK, maybe not 24/7, but she’s had some moments of greatness.

She offered up her very own sacred ‘Benny the blanket’ for cuddles “Benny always makes me feel better, Brooke.” She suggested watching Dora. “Really, Mama, it’s ok, she’s sick!” She covered her with her favorite pink blanket. “Because when you’re sick you shouldn’t get cold.”

And then there was the card.

Last night, the girls and I hunkered down in the den for some quiet time before bed. Brooke leaned against me like a sweet lump of warm love. Her little cheeks were chapped and flushed with fever.  She was uncharacteristically still. It broke my heart to see her that way, but I reveled in the quiet closeness.

Katie sat at the coffee table, hard at work. Markers and pens and scraps of paper and tape littered the table, as they so often do when she’s creating a secret masterpiece.

After twenty minutes or so she emerged carrying a folded piece of paper. She walked over to Brooke and ever so gently announced that she had something for her. She beamed at me as her little sister worked to sound out the words.

Get Better soon, Brooke

Dear Brooke,

I know it’s hard to be sick.

I hope you get better soon.



In case you didn’t recognize him, that’s a painstakingly drawn Boots the Monkey, Brooke’s all time favorite character.

Yeah, so it’s the week of Katie posts. But honestly, can you blame me?

10 thoughts on “katiepalooza

  1. Aackk! Now I know where I got it! (Or who I gave it to! If I was the bearer of the bad germs, I’m totally sorry)

    Thankfully I’m feeling 100% better, hope Brooke is too. Tell the chicas I can’t wait to see them manana!

  2. You are blessed. Katie has a heart of gold to go with her beautiful face and exquisite spirit. I’ll read about either (or both!)of your girls ANY TIME.🙂

  3. Ok if Lila is half that sweet to Devin I will be thrilled.(Her being a Jersey girl so not gonna happen) Could you write me a parenting book? Thanks! Also her Boots is waaaaaaay better then anything I could ever draw!

  4. kids are great and all.

    and sweet kids with big hearts are nifty.

    but great kids with nifty big hearts…who draw monkeys?

    best of the best.

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