a candle lit dinner

a sunset walk on a windswept beach

a rose on a pillow 

breakfast in bed



sweet, whispered words 

a slow dance

cheek to cheek

to a favorite song



a moonlight serenade

a drawn bath

chilled champagne

before a a roaring fire 





a husband who knows that his wife is struggling

that she needs some room

to breathe

to gather her strength

to keep the demons at bay



a plea to take their older daughter to that drop-off birthday party

and then to take the hour before pick-up for HERSELF

at a nearby cafe




a yellow post-it note

on the screen of the laptop

that he packed away in her bag

to take to the cafe

to exorcise the demons

one that simply reads

“i love you”



three words

on a two-inch yellow square

that force her to remember that she’s not alone

that knights in shining armor

aren’t just the stuff of fairy tales

and that if she remembers where to look


they even leave clues

to light the way home




13 thoughts on “romance

  1. Maybe Luau could teach a course? Nah’s good. He’s a wonderful father but once in a while he just doesn’t get it. hahh and sometimes I just don’t get it but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Yes?

  2. Oh yeah! I’ll take that second kind of romance over the first nearly every time! It’s the kind that makes marriages last and helps you weather the storms. Glad you have a loving and wonderful partner. 🙂

  3. Yeah. You know those J&J commercials that heavily employ the slogan “Having a baby changes everything”? They don’t know the half of it.

    I love your love poem.


  4. so true. dennis knows the way to my heart is folded laundry and a clear sink. and maybe the champagne once in a while too.

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