Posted in March 2009

happy birthday, sweet girl

* Lo Hicimos! We did it! ~ Dora the Explorer, at the end of every show One year later, we find our little heroine in a whole new place. Her sixth birthday party, thank God, looked far different than her fifth. Only the birthday ‘hat’ remained the same. Oh, and the Dora theme (minus Halloween). … Continue reading

the $240 balloon animal (that wasn't a monkey) redux

The following was one of the first posts that I ever wrote.  It was originally published almost exactly a year ago, a couple of days after Brooke’s fifth birthday party. The party was arguably an unmitigated disaster. I warn you now, the story’s not pretty. It’s not even particularly well written. Truthfully, the whole situation … Continue reading

christine ricci is trying to kill me

  The chicken costume arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. It’s fabulous. Utterly fabulous. The stuffed Boots should be here any day and all that leaves is a plastic fire hat from the party shop. Hooray! Break out the champagne! Let’s celebra … HUH? WHAT?? A superhero-baseball player-clown? WhatchootalkinboutWillis? Noooooooooooooooooo! Yesterday, the girls’ school … Continue reading

swiper no swiping

On Sunday afternoon, we were feeling adventurous. The weather wasn’t quite warm enough for the four-mile walk into town that we’ve made as a family each of the last couple of weekends. We considered a trip to the local Arboretum or a bike ride in the parking lot of a nearby school, but none of the … Continue reading

fire chicken boots

With Brooke’s sixth birthday quickly approaching, family and friends have generously been asking what she might like for her birthday. I came up with a few ideas, but, as I always have, I really wanted to see if Brooke might tell me for herself what she’d like. I wasn’t particularly hopeful. I didn’t mean to sell her short, but … Continue reading


* * We were walking through town on Sunday, enjoying an early taste of Spring. It seemed that everyone in the world was out and about, reveling in the sunshine. As we rounded a corner into the center of town, we came upon a young couple with an adorable Cocker Spaniel. As if on cue, Brooke … Continue reading


Katie had a playdate yesterday with M, a  girl in her class. They baked and decorated cupcakes and M’s mom generously sent Katie home with a plateful. Two were adorned with brightly colored sprinkles, one was buckling under the weight of what looked to be a full bag of chocolate chips and one was naked. Yes, naked. Not … Continue reading