We were walking through town on Sunday, enjoying an early taste of Spring. It seemed that everyone in the world was out and about, reveling in the sunshine. As we rounded a corner into the center of town, we came upon a young couple with an adorable Cocker Spaniel.

As if on cue, Brooke began to tremble. She grabbed at my leg and shouted, ‘PICK ME UP! PICK ME UP!” She scrambled up the side of my body and clung to my neck like a koala.

Katie walked up to the young woman and asked the dog’s name. I walked a few feet away where I could still watch Katie and Brooke would feel safer.  I reassured her that the dog was on a leash and showed her that the lady was holding on tightly.

Katie politely asked, “May I please pet your dog?”

Her sister, on the other hand, shouted loudly, “MAY I PLEASE NOT PET YOUR DOG?’

12 thoughts on “lady

  1. Adorable. And astute: the dog owner probably was expecting both girls to share the love with her pooch. Brooke very emphatically disabused her of that incorrect assumption.

  2. Such polite opposites you have there! Great story.

    In our household, we have the reverse (spectrum child has no fear of dogs, NT kiddo is terrified of them). But neither of mine is that polite about it!

  3. ROFL- I love it! Just in case her body language wasn’t clear enough – she made sure to throw in the NOT question. Classic!

    Sarah, my 2 yr old, terrified of dogs. Yet she says she’s not. She’ll see a dog and say, Ooh, dog, I like it. I go pet. Then when we approach – she freaks out and starts crying for me to pick her up!

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