fire chicken boots


With Brooke’s sixth birthday quickly approaching, family and friends have generously been asking what she might like for her birthday. I came up with a few ideas, but, as I always have, I really wanted to see if Brooke might tell me for herself what she’d like. I wasn’t particularly hopeful.

I didn’t mean to sell her short, but as recently as this past Christmas, conversations about what kinds of gifts she might like have gone something like this:

“Brooke, what do you think you would like for Christmas?”

“A present.”

“OK, what would you like the present to be?”

“In a box.”

“OK, so when you open the box, what would you like to find inside?”

“A present.”

And so, as I’ve done for nearly six years, I did my best to guess at what I thought she would enjoy. But, stubborn as I am, I still asked the questions. Imagine my delight when she answered them like this:

“Brooke, what would you like for your birthday?”

“A present.”

I tried a slightly different tact.

“Brooke, is there a toy you might like to get for your birthday?”

“I would like Halloween Boots.”

Holy cr@p!

Now, those of you who have been following along for  a while know that Boots (with a capital B) is not footwear, but this guy ~ Dora the Explorer’s sidekick and Brooke’s all time favorite monkey. If you happen to have kids young enough to be enamored with Dora, perhaps you’re familiar with the movie, Dora’s Halloween Adventure. For the uninitiated, let me give you a quick synopsis of the relevant plot line.

Boots has trouble deciding what he’d like to be for Halloween. Throughout the movie, he vacillates between dressing up as a fireman and going as a chicken. (OK, so it ain’t Sophie’s Choice, but Brooke loves this stuff.) After a movie’s worth of angst, our hero finally decides to go as a firechicken. Yes, a firechicken. Boots decides NOT to decide and creates a hybrid costume.

And so it is that my sweet, innocent, unassuming daughter wants a Boots doll dressed as a firechicken. Which, of course, does not exist anywhere on the planet. Not even in Canada. (Anyone remember this?)

But Mama ain’t gonna give up wihout a fight. So far, my thought is something along these lines:

Picture this guy


wearing this costume (made for a bear ~ close enough)


Decent start, right?

But that’s where I lose steam. A chicken suit? For a doll? Anyone? Beuller?


ed note .. after further research (meaning Brooke looking at the picture above and telling me I have it all wrong) I’m now back to square one. Or square zero. Apparently, Firechicken Boots wears a RED fireman hat (OK, that I can probably handle, though so far all I’ve seen is black) and a WHITE chicken suit. With feathers. And wings. Which brings me back to .. HELP!!!!!!!!!

ed other note … did I mention he needs to be carrying a pumpkin?

23 thoughts on “fire chicken boots

  1. drama ~ great minds think alike – the fireman outfit in the picture (you, the one that is the WRONG color) is from build-a-bear. it was the first place i looked. seems, however, that they don’t carry bear sized chicken suits. gee, go figure.

  2. hahah well you asked now didn’t ya my friend?? Now I know why you are sipping Grey Goose this morning!!!!

    and ditto on the seamstress thingy!!!! Ask the brilliant Katie for ideas! I bet ya she can come up with something!!!

  3. First of all, Charlotte answers questions about gifts exactly the same way. Exactly. A present. A box. Sometimes she’ll say “toy” but when asked what kind of toy she’ll say, “A present” again. Aaarrgghh!!

    As an alternative, if you can find the right outfit …. what if you were to get someone with artistic ability to draw a picture of Boots in that costume and you could frame it and hang it on her wall. Just an idea…

  4. Go look at Build a Bear outfits. Ebay often has out of season stuff like dolls pumpkins…in fact, I have an American Girl pumpkin that Mia was carrying around…lemme go look…

    I’ll say one thing: she keeps you on your toes.

    You need to be kept on your toes. You’re that kind of mama.

  5. 🙂
    Foster’s gift requests have gotten very complicated too – and they are always things he has completely dreamed up. I think you need to find someone who sews.


  6. A seamstress is my best suggestion too. OR I just thought of something else. You could find a stuffed chicken about the size of boots and take all the stuffing out and then add a zipper to the front and turn it into the chicken suit and then of course put some velcro on Boots hand and on a small pumpkin and then add the fireman hat.

  7. I just saw a white chicken Webkinz at the drugstore. Could use that to do what Natalie said above. (Except: Screw zippers. Velcro all the way.) I also saw a pumpkin shirt for the Webkinz.

    Say the word and I will gladly buy them and send to you.

  8. fresh out of ideas over here, but I do agree finding someone who can SEW might help…or dessimating a stuffed chicken animal is clever….
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  9. I am deeply ashamed to admit to you here, for all the world to see, that… that… I have never seen Dora’s Halloween Adventure. Neither have my kids. And I thought we’d seen every Dora episode there was.

    You better ask the Map to tell you where to go on this one. And check Backpack for some sticky tape.

  10. I am deeply ashamed to admit to you here, for all the world to see, that… that… I have never seen Dora’s Halloween Adventure. Neither have my kids. And I thought we’d seen every Dora episode there was.

    You better ask the Map to tell you where to go on this one. And check Backpack for some sticky tape.
    Sorry, should have said great post! Waiting for the next one!

  11. Maybe you should have her draw you a picture.

    BTW- chicken costumes are not easy to come by. My 6 year old wanted to be one for Halloween and there were no costumes to be found anywhere.

  12. Bwahahahahahaha! Erm, ahem, sorry —didn’t mean to laugh *at* you. 😉 OMG, this makes me very grateful that Nik doesn’t watch TV now. But I will be watching and waiting to hear how it all works out!

  13. good fountain ~ i love the idea of the framed picture. i may well do that as an aside.

    *M* ~ you are so incredibly generous to offer to send those things. thank you!!

    all of you ~ thank you sooooo much for your fabulous and thoughtful suggestions!
    (‘cept niksmom and the evil laugh, but we’ll take that up later ;))

    ok, so here’s the status ..

    as much as i would have LOVED to have had tanya’s BRILLIANTLY creative son, nigel put his talents to use, unfortunately the window of time won’t be nearly sufficient for him. (if you haven’t seen nigel’s creations up close, you MUST check this out .. he’s incredible! he will be my first call next time (and we ALL know there WILL be a next time, don’t we?)

    in the end, i’m going with a suggestion that came off line from the goddess that we all know (and love) as drama mama. leave it to the queen of the stage to come up with the perfect costuming solution, even for a monkey.

    yes, she IS all that and a pair of jimmy choos, ain’t she?

    she found this:

    that i will put on this:

    and top off in this

    holding a small one of these, (which i thankfully found in the basement):

    and well, there you have it.

    it really does take a village. and y’all are the best dang villagers a girl could ask for. thank you all!

    (i promise to post pictures when this all comes together. )

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