the best laid plans (or the story of fire chicken boots)

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men. Gang aft a-gley

~ Robert Burns

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

~ John Steinbeck

Honey, why are you undressing Boots?

~ Yours Truly


Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived Fire Chicken Boots. He was to be the perfect gift for the fair little maiden, Brooke on the occasion of her sixth birthday.




As Brooke opened her other gifts, Boots waited patiently. He knew he was the piece de resistance. The big cheese. The culmination of Mama’s efforts to give her little girl EXACTLY what she’d asked for.




The big moment finally arrived. Mama was so excited she forgot the camera in her hand. Her heart swelled as she brought him into the room, his red hat peeking out the top of the oversized gift bag. She handed the bag to her sweet princess, watched her peer inside. The maiden Brooke reached in, pulled him out. Mama beamed. Yes, baby. It’s exactly what you wanted. Go ahead, shriek in delight.


Ok, um, say, “It’s Fire Chicken Boots!”


Hmm, How about, “It’s Boots! In a fire chicken suit!”


So, well, what then?

The little maiden eyed him suspiciously. She watched him carefully, as though he couldn’t be trusted. Then she said, “Take the white.” Mama wasn’t sure what her little darling meant. “It’s fire chicken Boots, Sweetheart. See? He’s wearing a chicken costume. And what’s this?” she asked, pointing at his hat.

“A fire hat,” our little heroine said, as she pulled it off his head, snapping the elastic band. “Make him Boots.”

And she proceeded to follow her own order and do just that.



(note, there are two Bootses in the picture. The one in the background is the one that Brooke has had for years.)


The recently stripped monkey was dubbed “New Boots.” For the rest of the day, he didn’t leave fair Brooke’s side. Old Boots became, well, “Old Boots”. Later that evening, Brooke declared them ‘twins!’




Yes, the best laid plans of mice and men (and Mamas) often go awry.




But the Mama did not despair (she pouted a little, maybe, but that totally doesn’t count as despairing), for her little princess was happy. In her very own way.




And that was all that mattered.


The End.


16 thoughts on “the best laid plans (or the story of fire chicken boots)

  1. in keeping with the theme of the day, i guess she preferred a “birthday suit boots.”

    “pouted a little, maybe, but that totally doesn’t count as despairing”

    we need a mixed word. despouting?

    the way she looks all inner-calm in the last photo, that must have made everything better. i’m wondering how you and luau are feeling about the birthday. she’s six now! she’s changed so much, just in the time you’ve been posting about her. that’s a lot of growth to absorb.

  2. Oh Jess, this made me smile big. Brooke is so beautiful and looks so happy in her photos. And as for Boots? Haven’t we all been there? Scrambled to find the “one” thing only to be met with quizzical stares… Happy birthday to your sweet girl (and you too, mom, because really, it’s your day to celebrate as well!)

  3. Haha! Brooke is so cute and funny. I love this story, and I get the message (it’s a message I’ve been trying to get over and over…). As long as our kids are happy in their very own way that’s all that matters. Next time I’ll try to be more like you, Jess, and perhaps pout a little, but never despair. 8)

  4. It was a glorious Fire Chicken Boots.

    I’m glad that Brooke loves her Boots-twins.

    And I love happy endings, even if they’re not the expected ones!

  5. Ok I laughed at you. Sorry cause been there done that have the Tshirt. Not with Devin obviously as ummm I haven’t quite figured out the drummer he marches too but with my nephew Trevor.

    Those fickle little short people. haha Twins!!!!! I love it!!!!


  6. Yes, she’s happy and that *is* all that matters. I find my life goes more smoothly when I remember that simple but sage wisdom. *sigh*

    So, now she’s the proud mama of twins! Wow. 🙂

  7. Gosh, what a bummer since you went to all that trouble. Oh well, at least she was happy. I bet you always wanted to be a mother of twins, lol.

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