the tie-dye project




Now I’ve been happy lately, thinking about the good things to come
And I believe it could be, something good has begun

~ Cat Stevens, Peace Train

Last May, I read a story about a little boy with autism that broke my heart. Who could forget Alex Barton, the gorgeous, glowing five year-old who was voted out of his kindergarten class? Tears ran down my cheeks as I read about how his teacher saw fit to allow each of his classmates to say what they didn’t like about little Alex. She then put it to a vote. Alex was voted out of his class by a 14 to 1 margin.

I was apoplectic. How does this happen? How does an educator, a guardian of our precious children, purposefully, deliberately shame a child?  Alex could have been any one of our children. He deserved better.

So what did I do about it?


Oh, your asking me?

DO about it? Hmm.

Well, leave it to Kyra (remember Kyra ~ who rides in on her parrot head umbrella and leaves a trail of nurtured hearted pixie dust in her wake?) and her HUGE hearted son, Fluffy to DO something about it. They reached out to Alex. They found a way to connect with him. They told him that they cared about him. And leave it to Kyra to foster that connection and to create the spark of an idea for Alex’s Mom, Melissa Barton to grab onto and expand upon. And leave it to moms across the country to make it happen.

Spreading love. Connecting kids. Showing them that they are not alone. Telling them that they are not outcasts, even when they are cast out. Proving to them that there is love in the world. And acceptance. And understanding. And compassion. Making sure they know they have a friend ~ or five.

Join us in the tie-dye project. Connecting kids with autism around the country, if not the world. Five tie-dyed t-shirts at a time. Gifts, made with love, from one child with autism to another.

Brooke got her beautiful t-shirt from Fluffy in the mail yesterday. Now we’re ready to spread the love. We’ll be dying five t-shirts this weekend. They will be labeled K1 – K5.

If you would like one of the five, leave a comment and I’ll contact you via e-mail for your address. First come, first served. You and your child just have to commit to sending out five of your own.




Quick, hop on.

25 thoughts on “the tie-dye project

  1. Or maybe we could just come to your house and join in the fun?

    So the kids can meet Brooke and Katie (insert eyebrow wiggle)

    … oh, wait. Holiday weekend. Never mind.


  2. come on up, pixie!! or, i can just send katie. if we’re being honest, she’s the most artistic in the house. i have to say though, i’m a little hurt you didn’t ask me. i mean did you not see the dora cake? hullo? LOL

  3. Grayson would love to hop in!

    We’ve got our five in mind and are standing by with shirts and dye.

    What a fun idea.

  4. ok, guys .. that’s five. BUT, if you didn’t make it in time to get one of brooke’s t-shirts, please, please, PLEASE don’t think you can’t participate!!! if you’re interested, just leave me a comment letting me know and i’ll send you all the details you need to get started!!

  5. Seriously? I was afraid you had drained yourself with all the awesome effort you put into the Dora cake.

    I’m just trying to finagle an invite to bring my family to your house of awesomeness.


  6. Well, in that case, I’ll just bring my Tassimo with me.

    Ah, forget it. 10 hours in the car with four kids? We would have to leave here at 9 friggen pm and hold our breath that no one would wake for pee breaks.


  7. swiper, er rhemashope ~ you are too late, but it sounds like you’re all set with carrie . perfect!!

    maddy and michelle ~ details via e-mail soon. summer’s around the corner!

  8. awwww man! am i too late?

    if i am, that’s o.k. ‘cuz Carrie N already called me and her beautiful Grayson is going to hook me up with one she gets from Kendall!

    fun idea!!!

  9. I’m hoping that this project will still be on the move in the Summer as realistically that might be a better option for us. Well done you.

  10. I call shenanigans! Shenanigans!
    How can you post this during work hours and hope that I’d have a fair shot of responding before, well, now??? SHENANIGANS!!!

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