angels and accidents




A few weeks back, I vowed to reinstate a lost bedtime ritual with Katie.

Nearly every night since, we have curled together in her darkened room and listened for the angels.

A couple of days ago, we were laying together on her bed, chatting about the day. Just before turning the lights out, she … well … um …  er … let one rip. Loudly.

I looked at her with feigned indignation, barely suppressing my laugh.

She reflected the exact same look right back at me.

And then she said, “I can’t believe the angels just farted!”


(ed note: Sorry, Mom)

16 thoughts on “angels and accidents

  1. michelle ~ please direct your attention to niksmom at comment #4.

    “you know, mama’s don’t fart”

    i’m glad we were able to put this matter to rest


  2. I’m very appreciative of this post today b/c I was just trying to remember your euphemism for the word f-a-r-t. And you linked here to your previous post. Ah, “bottom burp.” Thanks, there it is.

    Funny how all your posts about bottom burps and butt quacks are always blamed on your children… hhhmmm…

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