I spent most of yesterday evening doing my best impression of a bag of ‘Whaaaaaah!’ I was cranky. Like really cranky. Like giving into hormones shouting, “Salt! Sugar! Salt! Sugar!” kind of cranky.

It was one of those afternoons. The girls needed space from each other. I needed space from myself. But wherever we went, we all seemed to be there.

Brooke’s gym class usually has seven to nine kids. Yesterday there were two. It was adorable. It was just her and this little boy that she knows from preschool. Without all the other kids, I could watch her. Really watch her. But it was one of those days.

One of those days when the sweet, enthusiastic teenage instructor tried to help her follow along. She tried to put her hands in the right spot, to show her where her body needed to be. Brooke shrieked like she was being burned.”DON’T TOUCH ME!” she yelled.

Some days I see a little girl who is using words. Some days I see my baby figuring out how to communicate what she needs. Yesterday, all I could see was a little girl screaming, “Don’t touch me!”  Oy.

It was one of those days when words fail more than they come. When perseveration rules the day and nerves are quickly frayed. When patience becomes a distant memory.

Yes, it was just one of those days. One of those dinners. One of those evenings as we got ready for bed.

Katie asked if we could go on a magical adventure before bed. I didn’t have it in me. I promised tonight, we’d head off to Fairy Land. Instead, we measured things. Everything. My nose, it turns out, is 5 centimeters long. Katie’s right leg, from knee to toe is 26 centimeters long. While she measured, she played the clown, determined to exorcise my inner Eeyore. She turned it into a game. She jumped on her bed, making silly faces and pretending to fall with a dramatic flourish.


She told me about the porta-potty on the school playground that someone seems to have abandoned. I guess just hearing ‘porta-potty’ was supposed to make me laugh. But Eeyore stood strong.

She stood on her bed and scratched her head. She looked around the room. Hands on hips. Eyes narrowed. Mouth screwed up to one side. Thinking mode.

A smirk took over her face. Inspiration had struck.

“Mama, which one do you want first? The doctor one or the waitress one?”

I went with doctor. It fit my mood.

“The doctor says, ‘I’m sorry to tell you that you have twenty-four hours to live.’ The patient says, ‘Wow, this couldn’t be any worse.’ The doctor says, ‘Oh, yes it can. I forgot to tell you this yesterday!'”

She’s told me that joke at least twice a day since she found it in a book last week. I laugh every time. I can’t help it. It’s funny. Maybe it’s the delivery. Maybe it’s that she’s eight.

She saw the corner of my mouth forcing its way into a smile. She went in for the kill.

“The customer says, ‘I’d like a coffee with no cream, please.’ The waitress says, ‘I’m sorry, sir, but we’re out of cream. Would you like a coffee without milk?'”

Even Eeyore had to laugh.

15 thoughts on “cranky

  1. k ~ i’m a HUGE fan of the tao of pooh! it’s my taoist bible .. lol! if you search it on the blog, you’ll even find a couple of references to it 😉


  2. Have you ever read The Tao of Pooh? I thought of it only because of your reference to Eeyore, but seriously, it’s wonderful. Google it. Oh, and THOSE days? We all have them. Pretty sure even Pooh Bear himself has them. xxk

  3. Eeek!
    The dreaded Eeyore, who can find fault with the sun itself.
    I hate that mood.
    And I love the little Darb who can pull my friend Jess out of it. Cling to it, babe. Sometimes it’s just a thread.


  4. I could use a little Katie around here lately. I’ll have to bookmark this post to re-read to cahse away my inner-Eeyore. 😉

  5. Haha! Don’t know how you could ever keep a straight face when beautiful Katie wants a smile. What a joy she is.

  6. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has those days … Hormones, cloudy days, impatience … so many things give me the crankies. Glad you had your little in-house comedian available. Soak up the sunshine today and smile!

  7. I always loved Eeyore, my favorite Milne character as a child. I always figured he deserved to be cranky, what with that tail of his being attached by a nail and hammered into his butt.

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