six years in the making


The following pictures were six years in the making. They were taken with a standard camera, with no one but me standing behind it. They may look like regular old pictures to you, but I assure you, they are far more to me. Do you see what is so extraordinary about them?




Oh, the banana candle? Yeah, um, long story. The short version goes something like this: Boots (you know, the monkey?) once took a little time off from costume designing and had a birthday. Well, being a monkey he loves bananas, so naturally he had a banana candle on his cake. Being a kid who loves Boots the monkey, Brooke therefore kept saying “I would have a banana candle on my cake.” I therefore thought it would be pretty funny to stick a candle in a banana. So much for the short version, but anyway, the banana candle has nothing to do with why the picture is so different than all those that preceded it.

Perhaps you can see it better here:




How about if I blow it up a little?




Or maybe in this one?



Any guesses?

Ooh, wait. Here’s one more, from Easter morning:




Perhaps it’s not obvious. Perhaps they just look like regular, er typical, kid pictures.

I’d love to hear what you see.

(Answers tomorrow)

20 thoughts on “six years in the making

  1. Brooke is looking right into the camera, smiling, making appropriate facial expressions for the conversation/occassion?

    Wait, why am I commenting? I’m dead (Katie’s Ralph Lauren ad did me in).

  2. Um…full on, beautiful 100% eye contact and a smile? I LOVE it! (oh, and the shirt :), and I love how you use Paul Frank for your monkey theme….)

  3. I am not sure that I have ever seen a more beautiful set of sisters. I have looked at these pictures 3 times this morning because each time that I do I feel pure joy. The last picture is my favorite too!

  4. oh! Oh! I know I know..( arm stretched so high above my head, and the added waving of the hand. my face screaming “pic me”) I love you and I am so excited to look at these pictures and know why you are beaming from ear to ear.

  5. Hope? This porbably isn’t the answer you were after, but for me(a mom of a 17 month old boy showing ASD red flags) these pictures give me extraordinary hope for our future! thank you for your blog and sharing these wonderful pictures of your beautiful daughters.

  6. I see *beautiful* in every picture, but I’m sure there’s more to it than that. It’s great that she can make different, appropriate expressions while looking and smiling directly into the camera.


    Gloriously, deliciously, divinely, fan-freakin-tastically beautiful! Um, and yes, what Sandy said…HOPE.

    And, yeah, like no one’s ever told you this before but OMG you & Luau made some beeeeyooties! Sheesh! xoxo

  8. All the other ladies beat me to the best answers! So I’ll be the kid in class who cheats off of her classmates’ papers and gets… I hope… An A+? 🙂 And if there’s even more there to you that we all missed, well that just means you’ve got even MORE to be so happy about!

  9. a couple weeks ago, my in-laws, who live far away, wanted pix with their grandchildren. Both my boys are on the spectrum, and portrait sitting is a special kind of torture. I didn’t want to let down the in-laws, so I said “might as well try.” I didn’t know what a great measurement of progress it could be. Today I received my copy of my boys looking directly into the camera and smiling, both at the same time. I thought no one else would be able to relate, but I see you can all understand why today I am bursting with joy. We love the ordinary of typical.

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