when your mama gives you lemons …



Katie has been dying to have a lemonade stand. But Mama, it will be great! I’ll do all the work and you won’t have to do anything! Really, Mama. (Riiiiight.)

Last Sunday was insanely warm here in New England. The thermometer touched 90 degrees mid-day, leaving me nowhere to hide from an eight year old on a mission. But, Mama, it’s perfect! All the people will be so hot and they’ll be so happy to have an ice cold cup of lemonade!

She could see that I was wavering.

She sensed my weakness and went in for the kill. This kid knows how to close a deal. Mama, I really want to give all the money that I make from the lemonade stand to charity.

And that, my friends, is how it came to pass that I spent two hours sitting on the corner in front of my house helping my daughter sell lemonade. Not to mention giving away chocolate chip cookies. Mama, we have to have a give away – you know, something to make them want to buy more. How about cookies? For every two lemonades they buy they get a cookie?? Yessss!!!

First, there were the signs. It’s all about marketing, after all. She couldn’t decide between Autism Speaks and St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, so she finally opted to split the proceeds.


One sign would never do, of course. We had to appeal to cars coming from both directions.



She was her own best customer, sampling the product throughout the day.

To make sure it tastes good, Mama.



She had her cash box at the ready (underneath which was the informational sheet on both charities in case anyone wanted more information.)



For a while she wondered where all those thirsty drivers were.

Mama, where is everyone?



She got some huge help from her little sister flagging down customers.

Brooke LOVED getting in on the action – a perfect mimic of her sister’s battle cry.

Lemonaaaaaaade for CHARITY!



By the end of Mama’s endurance, the till was full.

$26 heading out to make the world a better place.

$26, Mama! That’s a LOT of money, don’t you think??




Indeed I do, my love. indeed I do.

11 thoughts on “when your mama gives you lemons …

  1. That *is* a lot of money if you consider how many cups of lemonade that was! That’s a smart and generous cookie, er um, girl you’ve got there. Two of ’em. xo

  2. $26 is way more than I ever raised selling lemonade as a child. wish I could have been there to buy a glass. 🙂

  3. So, now you have done it! The first Family lemonade stand. I wonder what is next??
    I love the hairy smiley face in “YUMMMY!”
    Looks like it was fun.
    And such fun photos!

  4. So this is for you and your girls. You inspired me to write it when I read about your coffee shop adventure and lack of cake. I also wrote it after I had a particularly rough day. I thought it would be perfect and possibly encouraging? And I posted it on an older post of yours just for kicks. If that makes sense.

    I can’t calm down
    I’m at a loss for words
    How can we give up on those still unheard.
    The rebels, the fighters, the heartbroken fools,
    Why push them away like broken tools.
    But Where is the purpose in each of these things?
    Why do we strive to crush everyone’s dreams?
    Where is our hope? Where is our pride?
    Where is our faith that we all will survive?
    Why must we break down to build ourselves up?
    Why must we try to cover flaws up?
    Why don’t we accept and help them move forward?
    Why can’t we be the ones to take their dreams toward?
    Why must we be arrogant and break everyone down?
    Why can’t we just search and find the love meant to be found?

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