the dance of the tooth fairy



Brooke, where are we going to put your tooth tonight?

I lost my my tooth!

Yes, you did! Where are we going to put it?

It came out.

Yes it did, sweetheart. We’ll put it under your pillow tonight, OK?

Why’d ya call me sweetheart?

Because you are my sweetheart. Brooke, who will come and get your tooth tonight?

Why’d ya call me Brooke?

Because you are Brooke. Who will come and get your tooth, my love?

The tooth fairy!

YES!! And what will she leave under your pillow after she takes your tooth?

My tooth.

Brooke, the tooth fairy will take your tooth. And maybe she’ll leave you some money!

She will.

Hey, Brooke, what can we buy with money?

Not peeing on the floor.

I love you, baby. I’m going to bed now. Mama’s tired.

18 thoughts on “the dance of the tooth fairy

  1. Daaaaaad, you keep calling me out in front of my friends!


    Hey, everybody .. have you met my dad?

    Dad, everybody …

    Everybody, Dad …

  2. Jessica, while in water babies had just jumped from the diving board into the deep end of the pool and after going to the bottom and swimming out to the side of the pool with her wet hair hanging in her eyes replied, after being asked, “How was it to jump off the diving board?”, “Wet, what do you think??”
    Seems that you may have a daughter that is a chip off the old block. She responds in her own special way just like…her mom.

  3. Oy. These type of “conversations” are crazy making!

    Rojo is still afraid of the Tooth Fairy, which is why he waits until his teeth fall out, then hides them from me.

  4. I’m now reading not only because I LOVE how you write but also because your Dad’s comments always make me smile!

  5. I kid you not – we are studying the abstract absurdists in my Advanced Acting class, and truly…

    Kendall is better than all of them.

    Write it down.

    Publish it 10 years.



  6. Love how literally every word is taken!

    Grayson just lost her second tooth last week.

    That makes two. Two teeth LOST. We never saw them.

    Oh yeah, and we’ll take two no peeings on the floor.

  7. dang, i’m thinking i should consult brooke ,, find out where one actually buys the not peeing on the floor thing! we could make a fortune!

  8. Yes, I can see how Mama might be tired. LOL.

    Um, about that no peeing on the floor…how much?? More importantly, how much for not doing, you know, “the other!?” 😉

  9. Ha, ha – the part that made me laugh the hardest was the last line. No kidding! My conversations with Jordan are often quite similar…. You can catch me banging my head against a wall behind his back sometimes.

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