joint attention

“Child presents with a marked lack of joint attention. There is no attempt to share enjoyment or engage with others. “

Excerpt from Brooke’s neuro-psychological evaluation ~ May, 2006


May, 2009 …




‘Nuf said.


26 thoughts on “joint attention

  1. The last picture tells it all as they walk as sisters and friends, into a bright and wonderful future. Little Brooke always touching her big sister for comfort and support, as well as an equal, into the world.
    Beautiful grand daughters from a beautiful mom and dad.
    How fortunate are they!!!

  2. you know, the thing is .. the doctor was absolutely right at the time. the part that was most difficult was that it was all true.

    brookel didn’t point, had never said, ‘look’, didn’t bring things to show me, etc, etc and oh dear lord etc

    it’s an important distinction i think. it’s not that she was wrong, it’s that it’s not true anymore.

  3. ALL



    every minute of every day

    i ache and i pray and i plead

    and i hope

    and i believe in her

    she’ll be HER

    which, in any form, will be OK

  4. yes, that’s right. it’s not true anymore. how far you’ve all come.

    i like that she is sharing something with her sister…WHILE HOLDING A COOKIE IN HER HAND.

    i don’t know if you could get my attention if i were holding a cookie in my hand.

  5. There is a huge blessing in the bond your girls share.

    No better therapy.

    (And the pics are just great).

  6. Great photos. Amazing moments. And so much hope for all of us who are not quite there yet. As always, thanks for sharing those beautiful girls!

  7. A picture is worth a thousand EAT YOUR WORDS, words! : )

    Look at that recovery in only 3 years – just imagine what you’ll be enjoying in three more! The sky’s the limit!

  8. These pictures are so beautiful for so many reasons. ANd it’s exactly why I hate the whole evaluation process our kids need to go through for school, for insurance, etc. It only captures a moment in time, a fragment of a life, and yet it is how people expect to view our children for years to come. *sigh*

    Sometimes it really just takes time and love and a whole lot of dedication to help our children get where they’re going…and at their own pace.

    I think the last picture is my favorite. 🙂

  9. How often do you wonder if she’s going to be OK? (I know I wonder these things, oh, up to 10 million times a day)

    She’s going to be fine, Jess. She IS fine.


  10. thse pictures are a thousand words all wrapped up in the deepest of hope, joy, wonder..and little secrets..and so much love it makes my heart ache in good ways.
    thank you.

  11. Been thru this, actually get myself all in a worried frenzy with those appointments….. Coop didn’t have annual eval April of 09 and boy was I glad.. I get and got very upset that a Dr. that sees him once a year for 45 min while seemingly taking notes and not even paying attn, can sum up what a child is or worse ISN’T.

    I wish you had the pictures to SHOW the DR!.
    Lord I hate those appointments.

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