Posted in June 2009

dam, dam, dam

. On Sunday night, Katie announced that she’d like to do a report. Having no idea what she meant by a ‘report’, I enquired further. “You know, Mama,” she said. “Like where I learn all about something and then write it up and then present it to you and Daddy.” I was intrigued. Whose kid … Continue reading

why mama drinks – part 2 of 3,926

“Mama, you would get me a white blindfold,” Brooke says, as she walks the perimeter of the den. “What’s that, sweetheart?” “You would get me a blindfold that is WHITE,” she says, running her fingers lightly along the windowsill as she passes by. “I’m sorry, love,” I begin. “I’m not sure what you mean. I … Continue reading

easy like sunday morning

Sunday morning ~ 7 a.m. I am sleeping, which is a miracle. An urgent “Mama! Mama!” breaks the luxurious silence. Katie is standing over me. She is nearly breathless. I can feel her presence an inch from my forehead. “Mama! WAKE UP!” I try to shake the sleep out of my head, willing the blur … Continue reading

paint by numbers

I couldn’t wait to see them. It had been a long day and I’d had enough of the outside world. I enthusiastically threw my blackberry into my handbag, left it on the car seat and slammed the door closed behind me. As I trudged up the steps, I listened for them. The door at the … Continue reading

the remains of a year

. . A rising first grader A worn-out backpack A year’s worth of drawings, paintings and loosely defined ‘sculpture’ Two meticulously written stories – painstakingly created, one word – one letter – at a time Photographs – of a backpack, snack bag, jacket and folder – prompts from a year’s worth of morning routines Brooke’s name from the classroom … Continue reading

the club

. I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member ~ Groucho Marx Driving back from the Cape on Saturday afternoon, Luau pointed out an Autism Awareness magnet on the back of a car up ahead. As we passed by, I gave the driver a probably overly enthusiastic smile. He likely … Continue reading

june 19, 1999

OK, so it’s been a bit of a Luaupalooza this week. Admittedly, it’s gotten out of hand. Between this and this, well, I can just see you rolling your eyes and letting out a deep, ‘Oh for God’s sake, enough already’ sigh. And you’re completely justified. Heck, I’m a little tired of talking about him … Continue reading

ready to run

. To call running ‘fun’ would be a misuse of the word. Running can be ‘enjoyable’. Running can be ‘rejuvenating’. But in a pure sense of the word, running is not fun. ~ Dean Karnazes, Ultra Marathoner Some of you may remember a delirious moment back in October of last year when I somehow decided … Continue reading

get going

. I’m honored to be writing over at Hopeful Parents today. We’re celebrating Father’s Day a little early over there. Please click here to join me. Please? Pretty Please? What are you still doing here? Click!

rally time

. OK, folks .. start your engines. I woke up this morning to find the following comment on my ‘about’ page. Hi jess, i can hardly write in english but i read very well.I am a hispanic mom of two kids with autism ,imagine for a moment if for you ladies is hard how i … Continue reading