rally time



OK, folks .. start your engines.

I woke up this morning to find the following comment on my ‘about’ page.

Hi jess, i can hardly write in english but i read very well.I am a hispanic mom of two kids with autism ,imagine for a moment if for you ladies is hard how i am feeling. I only made it to the 9 grade at school my economic situation is a mess .Your stories seem to different to what i live with my kids they do not show emotions my 3 years old never stops he breaks everything, i have lost my job and everything i dont have enough eyes and hands to take care of them. i go from heaven to hell . It’s a big responsability teaching two angels how to live here on earth when i don’t know how to live myself I feel so lost and so lonely . If you would be kind enough to answer to my email because i sure i would never find this page again.I moved from Utah San Jose California a month ago and I like to find some activities for my kids and some kind of support por parents with kids with autism. if you or anybody could help with some ideas please!!

~ Blanca

Please leave any ideas, suggestions, resources or messages for Blanca in the comments below and I will put them together and send them to her from all of us. Anything specific to San Jose would be wonderful.

Oh, and everything I said yesterday?

I lied.

THIS is the point.

16 thoughts on “rally time

  1. I can’t agree that as poignant as Blanca’s comments are, that yesterday was a lie and that this is the point. Everything that you’ve said in every post that you’ve written over the year or so is “the point”. I know that you’ll all help Blanca, as you’ve helped so many others because that’s what you do. You touch people and you help them.

  2. “There but for the grace of god go I”…..Just when we feel that we can’t go another step we find out that there are many who face much more of a challenge than we do. That doesn’t take our struggle away, but it gives it some perspective.
    While there are many who face what seem like insurmountable hurdles, their burdens are softened by your words and thoughts. You give voice to those who have no voice. You often give hope to the hopeless with your intellect, courage, and your energy.
    It would seem that Blanca would be contacting the social agencies that are listed on her computer (on which she seems most facile), or her local phonebook. It would appear that she is most computer savy and should avail herself of the support in her new comunity.
    I’m sure we all wish her and her two children all the best in her quest.

  3. Hi Jess!
    I wrote my awesome mom who is an OT in the Monterey County area, and she writes:
    I’m researching the question from the hispanic mom. Will find the name & address to their local regional center. All services here in CA are impacted due to the state budget. Summer is not a great time because schools are closed, but special ed office should be open, at least to get the kids signed up for the fall. Will put my thinking cap on. Interesting what an eloquent writer she is in her broken english, as well as the amazing writing of the woman who is blogging.

    – redheadmomma 😉

  4. 3 suggestions
    1. Although it is summer, Sign up the children with the local school district & request special ed services. Age does not matter. The earlier the better. Do not take no for an answer.
    If the local school is not open, go to the school district main office. School districts in San Jose, CA will have staff who speak spanish & can help with referrals to additional agencies & support groups.

    2. Call San Andreas Regional Center. Tel #408-374-9960 They are part of the Calif Dept of Developmental Services. They must do intake & give an appointment within 15 days. http://www.dds.ca.gov (have an espanol link) When calling San Andreas ask for a Spanish speaking person to talk to. San Andreas site is http://www.sarc.org but doesn’t look as helpful as the dds.ca.gov link.

    3. If child is age birth to 36 months, call Early Start which is also linked through San Andreas R. Center webb site. for San Benito Co, CA the tel # is 1-408-846-8805

    I’m sure there are support groups for Spanish speaking families in the San Jose area, that some of your other readers will be able to give info on. Thank you for being this mom’s conduit to help here in CA.

  5. This program is a miracle – and it is very expensive. I’m sure if you call the center, they can either find some financial assistance, OR point you in the right direction.

    This program has helped my daughter so much.

  6. For parent support groups, she could contact her local chapter of ASA (contact info will be on the ASA website) – there’s got to be someone in the group who speaks Spanish! Great idea to post here for ideas – I’ve received emails like this before and didn’t think to outsource – brilliant! xoxo

  7. Parents Helping Parents is a great family resource center in San Jose. They provide free assistance in many languages, have support groups and workshops, lending library, etc.

    Phone number (408) 727-5775

  8. Had another thought. If the children were receiving educational (school) services in Utah with an IEP, they can be transferred immediately to any school district in CA.

  9. Blanca is 99% there because she sees her kids as two angels trying to live here on earth. Wow. Such insight under such duress.

    Get Jenny McCarthy’s book Louder than words, Blanca.

    Go to Lend for Health.

    That would be my advice.

    You are a brave and loving mommy.

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