easy like sunday morning


Sunday morning ~ 7 a.m. I am sleeping, which is a miracle.

An urgent “Mama! Mama!” breaks the luxurious silence.

Katie is standing over me. She is nearly breathless. I can feel her presence an inch from my forehead.

“Mama! WAKE UP!”

I try to shake the sleep out of my head, willing the blur to lift. My heart starts beating faster. OK, OK, I’m focusing. What is it? Where do I need to be? Who’s hurt? Are there any broken bones? Is there a lot of blood? Should I grab the sheet to use as a tourniquet? Is anything on fire? Let’s go!

“Honey, what is it?” I say, sitting up.

“Mama, you need to be at work! You overslept!”

I look at the clock and shake off the last of the haze.

“Um, Katie-Cat? It’s Sunday, honey.”

“Oh, Good point.”

“Yes, love, I’m full of em. Go grab a book, would you? You can climb in with me and read. Mama’s going back to sleep.”

8 thoughts on “easy like sunday morning

  1. This made me chuckle. I wonder when, if ever, we will be able to *not* assume there’s a crisis when we are awakened so suddenly? Probably never. *sigh*

  2. She nurtures as you nurture, as you were nurtured.
    Katie’s “good point”, a perfect deflection from a smart, smart little girl. I’m glad she is mine too!
    Love you all

  3. “Oh. Good point.” Every time I think of her saying that, I get the giggles.

    Oops. “Good point”! Here I go again! *hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee*

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