Posted in June 2009

what's the point?

* you have such good insight and draw such helpful analogies… this gift you have? it must be very painful at times. and then- to put it into words? so many people, including myself, are (in a word) frustrated…and thankful for your words. in an ironic sort of way, you calm the overload. not without … Continue reading


* As none can see the wind but in its effects on the trees, neither can we see the emotions but in their effects on the face and body. ~Nathaniel LeTonnerre * “Mama, Brooke is frustrated.” “Yes, honey. I know.” The hooting and visceral grunting just a moment ago made that abundantly clear, dear. “But I need … Continue reading

angels in the footlights

* 5:22 am – A stage whisper – “Mama? Mama?” I walked away from the computer and made my way up the stairs toward the little voice. “Katie? What are you doing up, honey? It’s not even 5:30 yet” “But, Mama! TODAY IS THE DAY!” I couldn’t help but smile as I urged her back … Continue reading

sensory overload

Luau and I were watching TV last night.  This commercial came on. We couldn’t stop watching it. The way you can’t look away from a car wreck. It was awful. We have a big television screen. It was on a high def channel. With theater quality stereo sound. My breathing became frustratingly shallow. My heart raced – felt like … Continue reading

are ya feelin lucky, punk?

It’s that time again! I’m raffling off a 120GB silver iPod classic to raise money for autism research, advocacy, services and awareness efforts. Here’s how it works .. for every $25 that you donate to Autism Speaks Team Brooke between now and July 7th, you’ll get one chance to win this incredible multi-media wonder. The … Continue reading

ice cream

. . July, 2007 Kennebunkport, ME thursday night dinner brooke has long since left the table the automated voice of her leap pad floats in from the den a dora cup left at her empty place – proof she’s really been there katie gets up to clear her plate i mouth to luau ‘ice cream … Continue reading

my everest

… Everyone has something that they just HAVE to conquer. Some people train and plan and save for years to climb Mount Everest. A few succeed. A few die trying. A few make it to the highest reaches of the mountain only to be defeated. Some of those go back to try it yet again. … Continue reading


… The other day, a dear blog friend who I admire and adore left a very sweet and encouraging comment on a post that I had written detailing Brooke’s progress. Contained within her comment were the following words: “Look at that recovery in only 3 years” I was soaring on the back of all of the celebratory … Continue reading


… We went to the pool for a couple of hours on Saturday. It was only our second outing of the season, and it had to be brief. We had limited time before we had to run home for the ‘Oh my god what did I get myself into French party‘. Brooke was a superstar. She got … Continue reading