two bags full



so far this week i have been bound and determined to stick to light. i’m skimming the surface for easy, cute and funny. heck, i’ll even settle for just plain silly or inane. i can’t do heavy. i can’t delve deep. truth be told, i’m afraid if i let her out, I’ll have no chance of putting edwina back in the bowl.

so if you too are feeling like your life is a bag of red hot blues, i invite you to join me for some pringles.

in that vain, a list ..

1 book of cd’s – nicely organized

13 empty and very random cd cases – not organized at all

2 copies (yes 2) of pat green’s ‘what i’m for’

1 caramel colored lambs wool wrap – henri bendel circa 1996 (still fashionable)

6 hair elastics / scrunchies

1 worn paperback copy of flowers for algernon

1 early reader – dora climbs star mountain

14 receipts

1 very dead verizon cell phone used as a toy

1 ‘john elder robison – free range aspergian’ baseball cap

1 gucci sunglass case – empty

1 pair of north face winter gloves

1 paperback copy of dora saves mermaid kingdom

1 long lost insurance card

1 spiral bound packet – ‘guide to special education programs 2006-2007’

1 really cool hair clippy thing that my hair is no longer long enough to accommodate

1 board book – dora goes for a ride

1 gift wrapped pair of earrings – bought for katie for christmas last year, lost and replaced in time to fill her stocking

1 bottle of oil of olay ‘quench’ body lotion – unopened

1 happy meal toy bee

the big book of questions and answers

1 paperback copy of sara pennypacker’s clementine (pennypacker? really?)

1 hard cover copy of corduroy’s ‘lift the flap’ halloween

2 packages of unused christmas cards

1 scarf that katie made for me last year out of fleece quilting squares

1 roll of industrial garbage bags

2 electrical extension cords – not 1 but 2

1 paperback copy of blue’s clues alphabet power

1 pair of ann taylor corduroy pants – black

1 pair of calvin klein high-heeled booties – so far out of style that they were back in last winter

4 bottles of water

1 package of christmas tags

incontrovertible proof that i will someday be living in 3 feet of my own debris with at least seventeen cats and a parakeet.

send help.

oh, and if you’d like to take a stab at what the list above is, i’ll be happy to make it a contest and send the winner the extra copy of pat green’s ‘what i’m for’ – your call.

31 thoughts on “two bags full

  1. Not knowing you too well, but a little, I imagined your car spic and span. I was thinking – Matt’s car. (sorry, that Matt), but then the scrunchies, Oil of Olay,and Calvin Klein high heeled booties… so either it’s your car, or Luau’s got… some explaining to do.

  2. 1st guess was a purse, (I know how big your purses can be). Then I thought maybe the contents of your old car. Perhaps a closet. No, I’m sticking with the car.

  3. A closet, definitely.

    Jess – I wanted to refer you to Jim Beaver’s book, Life’s That Way. I know you have limited reading time, but I thought of you immediately when I read his story. His daughter was diagnosed with Autism and then received such intense, early therapy that her diagnosis was reversed. The focus of the story is not his daughter, but this part of it jumped out at me and I thought of you and Brooke. I’m not sure if a “diagnosis reversal” is a possibility for her, but it’s interesting to know that it can happen.

    Enjoy the summer!

  4. Car, for sure. Or closet. Or garage.
    Oh, never mind.
    Thanks for keeping it light. I seem to not be doing light of late, unless it involves Mike’s Light-Hard anything. Then I am doing it. Way too much.


  5. I am feeling *so* much better about my car right now. Probably because I have at least as much stuff, but it’s all in a bin on the backseat, making it hella organized.

    Also, you do know Sara Pennypacker is local, right?

  6. Your Mother is thinking car! I remember when you had changes of clothing in your old Volvo Station Wagon. They were always at the ready for any occasion. So, car is my choice.

  7. I remember your old Honda’s trunk! I was terribly impressed – you had a change of outfit for any occasion!

  8. oh oh oh pick me(hand riased high above head) I am going with storage shelves down stairs in the “hidden corner”… LOVE..

  9. The mental health emergency duffel bag you threw together “just in case” – never needed it – and recently found it?

  10. As I read this post I kept getting flashes of that show The Big Comfy Couch with Loonette the Clown and Molly. Loonette was always pulling copious amounts of stuff from under her couch cushions:D

    Unless you have a gigantic couch, I’d say it is the trunk of your car.

  11. Regardless of where all those things have been hiding – put them ALL in a big bag and drive immediately to Goodwill. Do NOT have a garage sale.

    Take My Advice Because I’m Not Using It

  12. i think it’s a trick question. no single location could contain all of these items. please tell me it’s a trick question. hee.

    I’m really curious where those CD’s went for the empty cases. 13 of them! Where did they go? I really hope there’s a CD heaven. That would be a happy resolution to the mystery.

    I would say closet, except for the bottles of water. That leans in the car direction. Unless you have a nuclear fallout bunker. Which would definitely explain the toy bee and extra Pat Green. Clearly.

  13. and the winner is …

    everything on the list was indeed pulled out of the trunk of the SUV that i sold last week.

    begging the question – why could one possibly need to take 2 electrical extension cords on the road with them everywhere they go? or um, unused christmas cards? or say, an industrial roll of garbage bags?

    i guess you never know what might come up. so it’s nice to know that i’m prepared for anything – even an emergency tree lighting and yankee swap with lots of garbage.

    for sheer creativity i’m giving honorable mention to the following (in no particular order) –

    blacksnightbrood for ‘luau’s car’, denise for ‘under brooke’s bed’ and M for the nuclear fallout bunker. i’ve got nothing for you, unless you’re in the market for some industrial garbage bags, but hey, um, congrats.

    megan, i hope you enjoy your new cd!

    p.s. kate – pat green is woefully under represented on country radio. if i were queen of the world, that would change. 🙂

  14. drama – i have vowed that this blog would be nothing if not honest. no cybill shepard lighting to hide behind here.

    so yes. ann taylor corduroys – petite, black, stretch, shaped as slacks. the one saving grace? they were unworn.

    but also, um .. CHALLENGE

  15. Your house? Your car? Hmmm. All answers have already been said.

    But, I LOVE that new Pat Green song!! I didnt know you liked country. I’ve only heard it once or twice at the bottom of the weekly country countdown that is on way too early for me to listen to. I wish they would play it on the radio! It is such a beautiful and amazing song. I might have to download it, lol. I’m not usually a Pat Green fan but love that one.

  16. I don’t suppose that swirly earring you found several months ago is in that pile somewhere. I just realized that it WAS mine.


    I’m guessing this was all metaphorical anyway, representing the mess inside your amazing brain. Do I win?

  17. I knew from early on it had to be the trunk of a car…and here’s why. While reading, all of a sudden I recalled hearing my step-mom say to me upon seeing the trunk of my car, “You’re just like me, you use the trunk of your car for storage.” 🙂 Knew it!

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