9 thoughts on “right on time

  1. That post should have come with some sort of warning. I am leveled completely – – by your open soul, Vicki’s grace and the bond of love shared by two mothers. I had not heard of Vicki or her precious son before but I am sensing that it is about time to learn more about them . . .

  2. tears…. this is seemingly becoming a regular event for me when I come for a visit!

    A great reminder that reaching out – even when we don’t know what to say or do – can be as simple as saying “I’m here”; not knowing the “right thing to say” isn’t a good reason for not doing it; and that its never too late to let people (friends or otherwise) know you care. Thank you.

  3. The most beautiful person I have ever known is my “little girl”. The sun rises on one of her temples and sets on the other.
    We are all better for her.
    Stop making me cry, please.

  4. Last fall,I met a friend of yours at the SPD Symposium in Boston. At that time, I was just a few months into an SPD diagnosis, still desperately looking for answers and clues to what was going on with my little man. I felt like I had been asking questions forever without getting any answers. I continued to seek out as much information as possible. When I met this friendly face at the conference, it was so nice to talk to her mom to mom. I told her a bit about my son and I remember her words so clearly – “it’s good to hear you’re going to Childrens,it sounds like something else is going on with him. Trust your gut.” She took my email and included me in a mom’s night out invitation which was so kind. When I couldn’t make it, I expressed regret at missing out on a night with other moms who “get it” and her response was to hang in there and “read my friend Jess’s blog.”

    I have to admit that when I first read your blog I was a bit scared. I could relate to many of the stories, especially those of Brooke’s struggle with anxiety and social events. When I started reading, I did not yet have an ASD diagnosis but that changed in December. Since then, I’ve just been trying to figure everything out.

    Your post on Hopeful Parents (which is a beautiful site) inspired me to write to you. I’ve been reading at a distance, feeling so many of your stories as they could be mine. But I wanted to thank you for sharing your stories – they are truly inspiring and wonderful to read. They have made me feel less alone as I’ve started this journey. Your writing is heart felt and it comes through every time. I’ll continue to read along and maybe our paths will cross in this small world some time.

  5. CB – I’m so glad you wrote!

    You are certainly not alone. This stuff isn’t easy to wade through, but you’ll get there. Little by little, we’re all figuring it out together.

    All the best to you and your little one!

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