lollipop lollipop



I’ve been working on a BIG post. Or at the very least a HEAVY one. One of those posts that starts with “… and it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me when …” and ends up somewhere around “so how do we ever know we’re really doing right by our kids?”

I keep coming back to it, but attempting to corral my thoughts into a coherent post has been like trying to herd wet cats. I’ve tried to wrap my arms around it three times now, but each time the cursor taunts me and a renewed sense of futility sets in.

Since I’m not particularly fond of cats in the first place, and howling, screeching, clawing, generally pissy kinda ones scare the crap out of me, I’ve decided to leave off for a while. Hopefully they will mellow with time, lay around lazily in the sun for a bit and finally let me tease them onto the page with a piece of string when they’ve got their guard down.

If not, I’ve at least answered one of life’s nagging questions, “Yes, Virginia, you CAN take a metaphor way too far.”

In the meantime, I offer a little slice of life – sticky and sweet and inimitably Brooke.


“Ooh, Brooke, that looks like a good lollipop!”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Is it yummy, baby?”

“Mmm hmm. It’s so …”

She stops – holds the lollipop up to her face with a sticky hand and thoughtfully inspects it for a moment before continuing.

” licky.”

11 thoughts on “lollipop lollipop

  1. As a person who once wrote a paper entitled: “Ugh As a Complete Sentence”, I personally think, “licky”, says it all!

    Love, hugs and licky kisses,

  2. wise words ms link .. if all else fails, i may indeed ‘pull a carrie’ – i can think of nothing better to be accused of

  3. You could always pull a Carrie and write a post that just says, “It felt like the wind got knocked out of me – how do we ever know if we’re doing right by our kids?” and leave it at that.

    Works for me.

  4. One word. So perfect. A little girl who’s redefining the lexicon in a big way. I wonder where she gets her way with words?

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