Posted in July 2009

two bags full

* so far this week i have been bound and determined to stick to light. i’m skimming the surface for easy, cute and funny. heck, i’ll even settle for just plain silly or inane. i can’t do heavy. i can’t delve deep. truth be told, i’m afraid if i let her out, I’ll have no chance of … Continue reading

closet eating

* On Sunday morning, Brooke was having a tough time. Everything was getting to her and words floated just outside her grasp. She was easily frustrated and quick to tears. She had wandered downstairs while I was getting dressed. From my bedroom, I suddenly heard a full-on wail. I ran down the stairs to find her … Continue reading

billiards, part two – the ride home

* * The family was on our way home from Maine. We’d wolfed down our very last lobster rolls at Captain Hook’s – our traditional first and last stop on the way in and out of town. I’d memorized the images of Brooke laughing in the pool, proving to myself that I hadn’t invented those … Continue reading

billiards in maine (part one)

. . Like billiard balls, Brooke and I bounced off of one another all day. We would hit head on, with a piercing THWACK , coming together with all the force of the universe, slamming into each other so hard it nearly took my breath. Just as quickly, the trajectory would change and we’d be spinning off in separate … Continue reading

maine in pictures

This year’s annual pilgrimage to the land of the lobster roll would best be described as a roller coaster ride. We were up, we were down, we were thrown for loops and we were taken by surprise. In three days time, our little family rode the entire spectrum – er – gammut of emotion. The … Continue reading

updating the construct

* It all started a couple of weeks ago when my dear, brilliant friend M over at The Incipient Turvy wrote this incredible post. Have you met M? I can’t tell you how much I admire him. His writing is pure, unadulterated genius. Wait, I take that back. It’s deliciously adulterated genius. It’s genius M’d. … Continue reading