Posted in August 2009

other than played

* ‘Brooke, what did you do with Ms A today?’ I ask. We are sitting together on the stairs. Katie is upstairs getting ready for bed and Luau is fumbling through papers in the office. “Other than play. I can’t say played.” No matter what the question – ‘what did you do at school today?’ … Continue reading

send in the clowns

* Bratty Kid: I want a bicycle. Jeremy: Listen, a bicycle is going to take a lot of ball00ns and frankly, Uncle Jeremy is a bit tired. How about I make you something else? Bratty Kid: I just want a bicycle! Jeremy: Why… why are you yelling at me? Bratty Kid: Make me a bicycle, … Continue reading

… and soapboxes small

Last weekend, I took the girls to a birthday party for a little girl that Brooke knew from pre-school. L was one of Brooke’s first real friends, and despite the fact that they have been in different schools for over a year now, the connection remains. L is adorable. She was the first to join Brooke … Continue reading

soapboxes big ..

Last Wednesday afternoon, I was honored to speak on behalf of Autism Speaks to a group of loaned executives from various federal agencies. The executives were attending a training session at MIT, preparing to work on a camapign for Community Health Charities of New England. CHC provides vital funding to thirty-three local and national organizations … Continue reading

guest blogger

I am thrilled to introduce a new blogger on the scene. This is her very first post and I am absolutely ecstatic that she chose Diary as the venue for her debut. Please give her a warm welcome! . . HI         LILY           I         LOVE … Continue reading

she lied

* lie –verb (used without object)  – to speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive. to express what is false; convey a false impression. * OK, so maybe it’s a little counterintuitive. Perhaps it sounds a little odd. Maybe I’m just off my rocker. But, damn it all I am THRILLED. Why? Because … Continue reading

the night watch

. This THIS, right here I want to SHOUT above your sleeping form Your tiny little body curled around an improbable number of stuffed animals This is the mom that I want you to see This mom – here – now This mom who is calm – unharried This mom who is FINALLY running neither … Continue reading

amazing grace

Dear Luau, OK, OK – you’ve convinced me. The friggin iPhone that you just HAD to have with the video function that we just HAD to pay up for was worth every dang flippin penny. Now, I’ll ask you to please pay close attention to this next sentence, dear because I’m not going to say it … Continue reading