we would send band-aids

Connor and Daddy

Jeremy and Connor



I told the girls this morning that I’d like to start our day by making cards for a fellow Mama-blogger’s husband who was badly wounded last week in Afghanistan.

Katie nodded eagerly. “Is he a soldier just like Uncle Paul, Mama?” she asked. “Did he get hurt fighting for us?”

I explained that indeed, Mr Jeremy is an incredibly brave soldier, just like Uncle Paul. She touched my hand as I welled up. Gratitude comes out my eyes; I can’t help it. “It’s OK, Mama,” she said gently.

To Brooke, I simply said, “Honey, Mama has a friend whose husband got hurt. He is in the hospital. Could you make a card for him to help him get better?”

Her little eyebrows met in a furrowed point just above the bridge of her nose and her lips tightened into a pucker. She was almost a cartoon of concern. Autism means a lack of empathy? My ass.“Did he bumped his head?” she asked.

“No, honey,” I said. “He hurt his legs.”

“We would send him band-aids for his boo-boos,” she said.

“Oh, honey. That’s really nice, but he hurt his legs very badly.”

Her grimace deepened.

“It’s OK, baby,” I said. “He’s in the hospital with wonderful doctors. They are going to make him all better.”

“He would need band-aids,” she said with conviction. Jay-sus, Mama. The guy got hurt. He needs band-aids. Duh.

I promised her that we would send him some band-aids along with our cards.

I wonder how Jeremy feels about Hello Kitty, cause that seems to be all we’ve got in the band-aid closet. Hmm .. perhaps a trip to CVS is in order.

Please join us in sending cards and love to the McGuffey family. There is no way to truly acknowledge the unthinkable sacrifice that they have made on our behalf. There is no sufficient way to convey our gratitude for all that they have done and all that they will endure as Jeremy heals.

But letting them know that we are here and holding them in our hearts and prayers is at least a start.

Jeremy McGuffey care of Jessica McGuffey

(address removed as long ago changed)


12 thoughts on “we would send band-aids

  1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure if he got a card from Brooke with some HK bandaids in side he might even need a tissue or two. Hell, I need some just thinking about it.

    Would you puleeeeeez write a post or two that doesn’t make me well up?? Seriously, woman! XO

  2. What a huge heart! Tell Brooke thanks for reminding us to stick to the basics. I’m sure a book of “Brooke-isms” would help many people put things in perspective!!!! =)

  3. I can just see Brooke’s furrowed brow. I think HK bandaids sent straight from Brooke’s concerned little heart are sure to make Mr. Jeremy feel better.

  4. I pray a quick healing of physical body and the soul also. It’s just a hard job but I genuinely appreciate those who had served and still serving. May God bless Jememy and his family and all our military family.

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