9 thoughts on “no i in brooke

  1. Dammit, Jess, you told me there was funny coming. You tricked me and now I’m a sniveling mess sitting at my computer. No fair!😉

    God Bless the T’s of the world who “get” our children and who let themselves be open to the gifts and wonder of loving them.

  2. “Grab the coffee” . . . Are you freakin’ kidding me?! How about “grab the tissues” or, better yet, “grab a dish towel because no tissue will absorb the love and joy that is about to fly from your eyes.”

    What a mess I am. Oh the love . . . oh the soul-filling, life-affirming love your daughter inspires . . . I can barely breathe . . . hugs . . .

  3. That was a beautiful story. I hope you don’t let others’ comments take away from the wonder of Brooke to touch those around her because it’s a gift. It doesn’t matter where she falls on the spectrum. And a Tasha costume? How great!

  4. i see your little archer is back.

    i love that she thinks the name change fools people.

    Okay. It’s “Lynn” this time. Right.

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