amazing grace


Dear Luau,

OK, OK – you’ve convinced me. The friggin iPhone that you just HAD to have with the video function that we just HAD to pay up for was worth every dang flippin penny.

Now, I’ll ask you to please pay close attention to this next sentence, dear because I’m not going to say it twice.




Your wife


may take a minute to load up

needs sound

26 thoughts on “amazing grace

  1. A good wife publicly proclaims her husband’s wisdom. (Surely there’s a verse to go with that – someone help.)

    Oh, and, wow – a no more perfect representation of grace.

    Thanks, Jess.

  2. she is a very good communicator of glee. she expresses glee. and i’m usually glee-impervious, but i’m feeling it all of the sudden. ugh, i’m not used to it. it takes some powerful sweetness to thwart my glee-barriers.

  3. ooh, ooh, i’ve got it, barbara!

    ‘a wife of noble character is her husband’s crown’

    dang, that’s not what you meant, was it? LOL

  4. Maybe Handy Manny can borrow Brooke’s rendition of the song!! Loved it the first time, love it more the second. And maybe I can now convince Kyle of the quality of an iphone!!

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