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I am thrilled to introduce a new blogger on the scene. This is her very first post and I am absolutely ecstatic that she chose Diary as the venue for her debut. Please give her a warm welcome!



HI         LILY           I         LOVE        YOU

JOJO           IS                      COOL



Yup, that’s it.

Yes, it’s a post.

It’s a post that took my guest blogger nearly thirty minutes to type, so don’t knock it.

“I would type on there. Is it my turn now? I will play on the computer!”

“Oooh, Brooke, do you want to type something on Mama’s blog? You can say ‘hi’ to my friends.”

“Oh yeah.”

She settles in to type. One tiny finger hovers above the keyboard, poised and ready. She is concentrating. She retracts the finger and turns to me.

“What is your friend’s name?”

“Hmm, well, I actually have a lot of friends who will read what you write. How about if you just say, ‘Hi, Mama’s friends’?”

Too abstract .

“Is your friend’s name Ell-ee-yah?”

“Um, well, no honey. Why don’t you just call Mama’s friends ‘Mama’s friends’?”


“Is your friend’s name Lily?”

“Sure, honey. Why don’t you call my friends Lily.”

The little finger re-emerges. It takes up residence above the keyboard. It’s first job is to hit the Caps Lock. Hey, if you’re going to write a post you may as well MEAN it.

“Where is the ‘h’?”

I point to the h and she presses it down. She looks at it on the screen and appears to be quite satisfied with her work. She finds the i without help.

“Her name is Lily”.

She types L-I-L-Y.

“I said ‘hi’ to Lily.”

“I see that. That’s great, honey. What else would you like to say?”

She is already typing. I watch I LOVE YOU emerge, ever so slowly on the screen.

Oh man, Brooke. I love Lily too. (I keep this to myself).

“We would play here now,” she says, pointing to the Nick Jr bookmark on the top of the screen.

“No, sweetie. You already had your play time on the computer time today. You can go there again tomorrow.”

“I will type JoJo,” she says.

She types it all out … Slowly … Meticulously. It’s better than anything I’ve ever written. And then she starts to delete it. All of it.”Bye Bye Bye Bye,” she says as the words begin to disappear, letter by letter.

“Oh, Brooke, let’s leave it there. It’s wonderful.”

“It is?”

“Yes, baby. It is.”

She types it all back in. Slowly … Meticulously.

So, there you have it, Lily. Brooke’s first guest post.

Sorry, Russ, but I think you may have been outdone.

30 thoughts on “guest blogger

  1. Oh damn, my eyes are leaking again! But I’m smiling really,really wide so maybe it’s just my cheek muscles crowding my tear ducts? This “Lily” is very impressed that Brooke loves us and wanted to interact with us. xoxo

  2. Hi Brooke,
    I loved your blogpost today. I loved the words, and how you put them on the page, like M-Lily said. It looks beautiful, and it is really, really cool. I don’t know JoJo, but I am certain he is a fabulous as you say he is. (or her?)
    Have a fun weekend,

  3. i like her use of negative space. she’s clearly taking it in post modern direction. it allows for alternating, yet not necessarily contradictory, meanings. read from top to bottom. “Hi Jojo. Lily is I. Love cool. You.”

    mysterious. this guest blogger is a writer of playfully hidden meanings.

  4. You do to blogging, what I do with my camera. Hand it over to the kids and let it all transpire. So cool!! I love what she wrote and the way you told the story!!! Awesome! Can’t wait for her next post!

  5. Wonderful Kendall!
    You take major steps so often, have worked hard and grown much! Momma, Dad and Darb are so proud of you, and the rest of us think you are one inspirational big girl!

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