a righteous path to follow


I sat down ready to write about last night. Luau and I went to see Pat Green at the House of Blues. Pat is the man who wrote the soundtrack to much of my adult life. The man whose songs resonate with me somewhere down deep. Really deep. Whose music takes me to a place outside myself – a delicious escape – and then brings me right back in.

There’s a lot to tell. The concert was heaven. I danced like I didn’t care who was watching and I sang my little off-key heart out. I found freedom in the front row, singing along with my man, Pat.

We are walking in the footsteps of our fathers
Standing in the shadows of our mothers
Trying to learn from those who came before us
We see the road maps in the lines upon their face

And as I look out on this crazy congregation
The truth is inside we’re all the same
Come on all my sisters and my brothers
Let’s go walking
Walking in the footsteps of our fathers

Now I’m the first to say I don’t know what I’m doin’
And I ain’t gonna preach what I don’t know
I ain’t no deep theologer, no PhD psychologer
I’m makin’ all this sht up as I go

But I know for sure we’re all in this together
And in a thousand years we still won’t get it right
So let’s rip a page out of ole’ Hank Williams’ hymnal
Let’s have a little church right here tonight

As I look down at the brother of my daughter
As I kneel and kiss the sister of my son
I only hope I leave a righteous path to follow
As they go walking
Walking in the footsteps of their father

There was more – much more, and maybe I’ll revisit it at some point. But today is not the day. To talk about my stuff today just doesn’t feel right.

Today is not about me or mine. No, today is a day to remember. A day to reclaim the horror of senseless loss and to find a way to transform it into something with meaning – something with purpose and hope. Today is a day to honor the memory of our fallen heroes and fellow citizens by making the world better for those they left behind.

To those who walked UP those stairs while everyone else scrambled down. To those who sacrificed themselves to ensure that others would live. To those who reached out to strangers that fateful day eight long years ago. To the soldiers who unflinchingly heeded the call of duty.

Rest assured, you left a righteous path to follow.

For their children – for our children, let’s do something today. Let’s make something different. Better.

We can’t change the past, but the future is ours.

Ed Note ~ Lyrics are from Pat Green’s Footsteps of our Fathers

14 thoughts on “a righteous path to follow

  1. It’s raining here in NY. This morning, when we reminded our soon-to-be 8yr old son what Sept. 11 is all about, he turned to us and said, “Maybe that’s why the sky spirits are crying today.”

  2. you know, it’s raining here in boston too. and i hadn’t thought about it until i saw lisa’s note and now kristen’s.

    it’s a light, delicate rain, more like a mist. i found it so odd this morning that i was strangely comforted by the rain. didn’t know why, but it makes perfect sense now.

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