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Yesterday morning, Luau took Brooke to the doctor. In and of themselves, these trips are a reminder of just how far she’s come. Up until about eighteen months ago, Brooke was morbidly afraid of any kind of doctor. Every visit was an epic struggle through a full-on melt down. She would kick and scream and cry from the moment we walked into the office. She looked like she was fighting for her life, and I’m sure she thought she was. It was AWFUL.

But now – after TONS of role playing (I mean TONS), a couple of different social stories and a whole lot of language later, she’s just a kid going to the doctor. Not something she’d like to do every day, no doubt, but Ooh, look! They have stickers!

The doctor asked Luau to collect a urine sample. (Ah, yes, the glamorous life of a stay-at-home Dad!) Unfortunately, they hadn’t anticipated this, so Brooke had taken care of her business just before leaving the house and hadn’t had anything to drink since. As diligently as they tried, it just wasn’t going to happen.

The doctor performed the rest of the exam and Luau promised to bring Brooke back after school (loaded up on water) to leave the sample.

In the middle of the day, I got an e-mail from Brooke’s aide, saying she wanted to share a funny story.

Apparently, Brooke had been having her snack next to another student. Of course snack time is one of the day’s best opportunities for social interaction, and our fabulous aide always makes sure to get the little ones talking to one another.

By way of making conversation, Brooke’s little friend asked her what she had done at the doctor earlier.

And of course she answered, “I did NOT pee in a cup.”

14 thoughts on “snack time conversation

  1. She didn’t say, “I would NOT pee in a cup.” That would be could good, right? I could eat her up right now.


  2. it’s a good sign. she’s learned the structure of conversation…now she just has to work on the content. she’s in very good shape, has the hard part down. now it’s just a matter of replacing “i did not pee in the cup” with “how about this weather?”

  3. I think this was a genius way for Brooke to connect to her peers. What kid (or adult) *can’t* relate to the performance anxiety that one experiences in the face of the dreaded specimen cup?

  4. Ha! Brooke cracks me up.

    I also remember the days of Nigel screaming in doctors’ offices. Fast forward to last week when he had to get a cortisone shot in his HAND and did better with it than I would have. Amazing!

  5. so cute! i just found myself wishing, though, that your picture up there showed the cup with the yellow liquid inside. then you could add it to your social story.

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