tipping the scales

Hopeful Parents


I’m at Hopeful Parents today.

Come on over and drop me a line, would ya?


I stayed up waaaaaay past my bedtime on a FRIDAY NIGHT writing it.

So I guess I can’t promise no typos. It could be a bit of a mess actually. But heck, I never promised you no typos did I? You know those little notes I write sometimes that say ED NOTE .. ? You do know I don’t actually HAVE an editor right? You know that’s just me, right?


Let’s end this before it gets worse, shall we?

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10 thoughts on “tipping the scales

  1. Jess, I never wanted you, my baby girl, to go through this. I hoped and prayed you would never have to. I’m so relieved that you’re well and that you’re taking care of yourself so diligently but so sorry you had this scare. You always deliver such amazing messages to your friends and readers and this time you’re managing to take “our” experiences to help others. Thank you for that.

    I love you!


  2. I am so glad for the conclusion in this episode in your precious life, and I am so pleased that you have a life partner like Luau to face these terrible life situations with. It makes these very scary times easier to face when you have a partner who loves you so completely and with such sensitivity.

    Thank you Luau, from a very grateful father.

    Stay well my baby girl.



  3. Oof! Right in the gut, Jess. And, Luau? I love you even more β€”in that “Oh my God, he is such an amazing, supportive husband. Every woman deserves one like this (and so grateful I have one, too!)” kind of way.

    Jess, the words you write, the emotions you share…so raw, so moving. You have put a human face on a scary monster for me. I don’t have the history but I have the fear and I haven’t faced it yet. It’s time. Thank you.

  4. By the way, everyone–it’s Breast Awareness Month–a great time to take action in so many ways. Remember, you’re all precious people!

    Jess’ Mom

  5. I’m the daughter and grand-daughter of survivors. My mom has been cancer free for almost 25 years (she was 43 when she had it – don’t think for a second I don’t realize that’s 5 years away for me). My grandmother has beat it 3x!!

    I haven’t done any breast cancer walks in awhile, but my Mom and I were just talking about starting up again.

    There are so many amazing, worthy causes to be involved in. It’s hard not to want to do it all.

    Good for you for doing your checkups. I need to schedule a mammogram soon, I got one at 30 but have not had one since.

  6. Thank you for this. I had my own “scare” a few years ago and I remember all too well that feeling of, “Oh my God. I can’t leave my babies yet.” Your post is a good reminder to always take care of yourself so you’ll be able to take care of the ones you love.

  7. Jess, you really spoke to me when you wrote, “Necessity had shifted our priorities. But I realized that it was time to shift the balance back, if just a little.” It is so easy to become consumed by autism, to put everything else aside. Even though I know I’d be a better mom to my girls if I took more time for myself, I can’t seem to do it. Thank you for this precious reminder to take care of ourselves.

  8. Jess – been doing some catching up of your “windows into your world” (of which I still am a dedicated reader….you are such a talent) and I was left breathless reading this last entry. I’m just so grateful to hear that you are OK. All I’m going to say is that there’s no reason to assume you will ever run out of your “get out of jail” cards. Stay postivie and optimistic. I believe in the healing powers of “happy”. (as childish as that may seem) Not that you need another supportive response but I couldn’t help but let you know that I was still here and still with you. Always, edes

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