“Meeeeee I have another muffin please?”

“Sweetie, you asked very nicely, but we’re only having one each. If you want one later, you can have it after dinner, OK? First dinner and then muffin.”

“But I really want one.” (Brooke’s new and almost irresistible attempt to get anything and everything that she wants)

“I know, baby, but we’re going to have dinner very soon, so we’re not having any more muffins right now. You can have another one AFTER dinner. First dinner and then muffin.”

I was ready to press rewind and replay the whole conversation. It’s what we do around these parts when there are a lot of words flying around. But Brooke’s next question – just a single word – kept us right on course.




Do we have sound effects around here? I’d like to insert [song comes to a screeching halt as needle scratches across record].

“When?” Did she just say, “When?”

Luau and I exchanged a look. The Holy crap, did she really just say that? look. Oh yeah, she did.

Mark your calendars, my friends. This was the last of the coveted ‘W’ questions to enter Brooke’s vocabulary.

She is 6 1/2.

Any idea how much will power it took not to give her a damn mini-muffin?

Ed note – this post has been gathering dust for nearly three weeks now. We have yet to hear ‘when’ again since that day, but don’t you worry. We will. Ooh, maybe I just need to break out the mini-muffins!

20 thoughts on “when?

  1. Fantastic! I’m referring to Brooke’s, “when” question. Your control, I’m quite used to. “When” will also appear again. Not to worry!


  2. I’d haul those muffins on out! Yeah!!! We are working on the “WH” questions too. Not asking them, but understanding then when used in school for reading comprehension.

  3. When! I love it. That is a seldom heard W question here as well. Like Brooke, it’s been asked but I’m thinking not too often.

    And, oh gawd, the First this, then that stuff. Oy. I get sick of that! But it’s what we do too.

  4. I vividly remember “first this, then that” – mostly because I still need to do it with Nigel on a regular basis. He is now a master of “when?”! Yay for Brooke – I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more “when?”s in the future!

  5. Whoo-hoo! I’m constantly saying first this, then that repeatedly too. My husband and I have those moments where the world stops and we are in awe that he just said something new too. It’s the best feeling isn’t it?! Go Brooke! You’ll be hearing it again soon I’m sure-you know it’s in there!

  6. Hooray, Brookel!! I’m with drama – I would have given her the muffin, but then I would have missed out on the next motivating challenge: self-regulation. Of course, I would have eaten a muffin, too. Gotta work on that self-regulation.

  7. So funny — I just posted something similar over at LA Moms Blog! It, too, was about the incessant pleas for certain foods by one of my boys. I have to say, though, that I didn’t have near the will power as you did. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog — I have really liked your pieces at Hopeful Parents.

  8. WOW! I am doing my own cheering as I just heard my gal say this very word for the first time last night!!!! WOOOHOOO! She is also 6. Uh MAY Zing! No accidents.

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