Posted in October 2009

prepare ye

OK, folks .. keep it moving – nothing to see here .. eyes on the road. So can we all agree to ignore yesterday’s little outburst and move right along? Yes? Fabulous! I knew you’d understand. In that vain, a story … Brooke has become obsessed with the 1973 movie version of Godspell. Since we … Continue reading

tipping points

* I’ve always thought of them as ‘inflection points’. Those moments in time when life presents some minor upheaval that allows the time line to give a little. The moments that call us to action and tend to change or define our course. Small ones happen every day of course, and aren’t always as obvious, … Continue reading

the harvest

* “Brooke, Mama has to go on a trip tomorrow.” “You do?” “Yes, honey, I do. I have to get on a plane and fly far away.” “You do?” “Yes, I do. I’m going to Texas.” “You are?” “Yes, I am. I have to go there to do some work.” “You do?” “Yes, love, I … Continue reading

a sense of peace

* * A dear friend of the family celebrated her Bat Mitzvah this weekend. In keeping with Jewish tradition, she was confirmed and recognized by her congregation as an adult upon her thirteenth birthday. The ceremony was beautiful and I found myself deeply moved by the passing of this age-old tradition from one generation to … Continue reading

21 people

When we walked in, the PTO presidents and fundraising chair were putting the finishing touches on the sign-up sheets. It took two long tables to accommodate all of the committees. I looked over their shoulders (not annoying at all, I’m sure) and read through the sheets. Playground Committee Spring Festival Committee Harvest Committee Silent Auction … Continue reading