true feelings that must get out



When the dog bites, when the bee stings,

when I’m feeling sad,

I simply remember my favorite things,

and then I don’t feel so bad.

~ My favorite things


Katie walked in and sheepishly handed me a piece of paper. “I wrote a couple of lists,” she said. “I thought you’d like to see them. It was just some stuff I really had to say.”

I took the sheet from her and began to read.


I love math!

I love science!

I love art!

I love my family!

I love pink!

I love me!

I love cursive!


“Aw, that’s great Katie,” I said, pulling her into a hug. “And we love you too!”

“There’s some more on the other side,” she said, looking down at her feet. “Some stuff I don’t like at all.”

I turned it over and started reading.


I don’t like Dora.

I don’t like fevers.

I don’t like bullys.

I don’t like enemys.

I don’t like too much homework.

I don’t like too much rain.

I don’t like autism.

I don’t like oily popcorn.


Aw, hell, baby. Mama’s right there with ya. All the way down to the oily popcorn.



Ed note .. Ok, so not to name names, but I know that there are a few restless natives out there who are eagerly awaiting the resolution to Thursday’s post. I promise it’s coming, April. (Oops, did that slip out?) There just weren’t enough hours in a day this weekend (are there ever?) to write a blessed thing, so I hope you’ll remain patient with me as I hobble it together.

~ The Management

23 thoughts on “true feelings that must get out

  1. My favorite part about this whole thing is the sidebar: “true feelings that I must get out.” Truly an amazing young lady! xoxo

  2. “I love ME” = awesome. There is nothing we work harder on with our daughter than self-esteem. Looks like someone is getting the job done in that category.

  3. Aww, Katie

    Somehow it’s just incredibly touching to me that each list has a biggie at second-to-last place (I love me! / I don’t like autism), and then the tension lifts with the final entry.

    Maybe we can feed the oily popcorn to the bullies.

  4. LOL! Things I do not like:

    “I don’t like waiting for good news.”

    BUT even more . . .

    “I don’t like working mothers feeling pressured to do anything other than sharing time with their children on weekends.”

    xox April (yes, that April)

  5. i can’t believe she has math at the top of the “like” list. she is way, way too smart. you need to get her to watch way more television, slow down her intellectual growth, she’s on a path of global dominance. today, likes math. tomorrow, president katie.

  6. We have an older sib who is also a nonfan of Dora as well. I think Katie was quite restrained and appropriate–she didn’t use the “h” word. Sam would have.

  7. What an amazing kid. Such an ability to express herself. It’s so obvious that she feels secure and knows she is loved, valued and accepted. Kudos to mom and dad.

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